Jeep Wrangler Wont Start Clicking Noise

Jeep Wrangler Wont Start Clicking Noise -This usually happens when you least expect it. The engine of your Jeep Wrangler may refuse to start on a cold Winter morning. Oftentimes, this could happen on a perfectly bright day too. It is important for you to pay attention when this happens. Listen to the sound being emitted by your engine. The type of sound could indicate the source of the problem. Either the battery or the starter of the engine could have a defect.

Know that sitting around won’t help in starting your suddenly stalled beast. Get out of the car and take a look at the engine. Try to ascertain whether there are any defective cables. Check the parts under the bonnet and whether the tank is empty. 

We understand how frustrating it could be to be stuck somewhere when you only intended to drive your Jeep back. But it is important to maintain your calm in such a situation. Ask for help from you neighbors or kind passerbys. Look for a towing service around you if possible. Best of all, try getting a car mechanic. 

Jeep’s battery is the most common culprit behind starting problems 

There could be numerous reasons behind your stalled car. The most common cause for such issues is known to arise in your car’s battery. Insufficient charging in the battery could lead to trouble. This could happen when you accidentally leave the lights on in the interior. Oftentimes, the battery falls low because of the effect of cold temperature. 

Cold winter season affects the storage capacity of car batteries. This is why it is often difficult to start your hunks on cold winter mornings. 

Jeep Wrangler Wont Start Clicking Noise

Make sure whether the battery is the cause 

If the problem lies in your Jeep’s battery, you’ll either hear no sound or a very low noise while starting. This reason will be reinforced by the problems in switching on the lights in your dashboard. The ignition current would probably be insufficient to give the engine a start. 

Know how to handle an empty battery 

There is only one solution to an empty battery: charging. Your car’s battery charges automatically when you are driving. But sometimes, your battery may be so low that your vehicle won’t even start. In this case, you’ll need another vehicle to cover the gap. Be careful to find another vehicle with the same battery voltage.

Then get a jump lead and connect both these batteries. First start the engine of the vehicle that is donating. As their batteries are connected, start your Wrangler’s engine. Just get your precious car running again. You can then get your battery fully recharged. 

Prevent battery problems in the future 

It is important to get your car’s battery checked regularly. In case you frequently face difficulties while starting the engine, or the engine only starts after many attempts, the storage capacity of your battery should be thoroughly analyzed. 

What if your Jeep doesn’t start even after bridging? 

The most common cause for a stalled engine is an empty battery. The best solution for this problem is to connect your battery to another vehicle’s battery with a similar voltage. If your engine doesn’t start despite this bridging with a jump start cable, it is possible that your power cables may be damaged. This could happen because of bad weather or even the bites of rodent animals. 

Assure whether your vehicle has a broken cable 

Open your Jeep’s hood and check all the visible cables. In case you notice bite marks or portions of torn insulation on a handle, you must secure the damaged area with the help of an electrical tape. If there are no evident defects, the problem may lie in the spark plugs or the alternator. When such is the case, you’d definitely need the help of a towing service. 

Know how to handle a broken ignition cable 

In many cases, a broken ignition cable can be simply repaired with the help of an electrical tape. This should help you start your vehicle again. You can then drive it to a workshop and get it repaired. Otherwise, you’ll have to take the help of a towing service and then take it to your closest mechanic. The damaged cable needs to be replaced. 

Assess whether the problem lies in your starter

If you find out that your Jeep’s battery and the surrounding power supply is intact, the problem could lie in your starter. The starter of your vehicle works along with the battery to turn the pistons in your Jeep’s engine. Like most mechanical parts, your starter also has a tendency to wear out over time. This could lead to problems in the engagement of the pinion with other parts.

Assure whether the problem actually lies in your starter

A problem in your Jeep’s starter can be spotted if your vehicle emits a grinding noise when you try to make a start. This noise must be emitted from under the hood and it usually declares a failure in the working of your starter.

Know how to handle a failed starter

If it is evident that the gears between the starter and the engine have failed to engage in a proper manner, you must do something to start your vehicle once and take it to a mechanic. If your vehicle has a manual transmission system, get the help of other people and push it while engaging in an upshift function. Once your vehicle has started, you can take it to your nearest mechanic and get it checked. Have your starters and the gears assessed and replaced if necessary. 

It is possible that you just have an empty tank 

In everyday haphazard motion, we sometimes forget to check whether our Jep’s tanks are full. So everytime you wonder why your Jeep’s engine won’t start, remember to first check the tank. It is also possible for your fuel gauge to be defective. 

Ascertain whether the problem lies in your empty tank 

If your fuel gauge is working properly, you’d probably be alerted by warnings and flashing lights of an empty tank. But if your fuel gauge shows a full tank, there could be a problem within the signal transmission. You should then get up and look into the tank itself. It is also possible that your fuel filter is clogged so the fuel cannot be pumped properly into the engine. 

Know how to take care of an empty tank 

The best way to take care of an empty tank is by filling it with fuel. You should have some spare fuel in your trunk for such emergencies. Or you should get fast to the nearest gas station and get yourself some. The best way to prevent clogged filters is by having your tank serviced regularly.

There could be reasons that only experts can diagnose 

If your car’s battery is intact and the noises in your engine cannot be deciphered. If you cannot find any defective cables and your tank is full, you should leave the diagnosis in the hands of expert mechanics. Only they can deeply assess the problem and find a tangible solution. 

There could be corrosion in the terminal battery or there could be a faulty solenoid. Sometimes, there happens to be a problem in the park neutral safety switch. 

Pay attention to the parts at risk

It is essential that you pay attention to the parts that could be at trouble. Determine the age of your Jeep’s battery. These days, car batteries only last up to two to three years. There should be some inscription or date stamp upon the battery and it should indicate its purchase date and age. In case your battery is over three years old, you must get a replacement soon. 

Conclusion – Jeep Wrangler Wont Start Clicking Noise

There could be numerous reasons behind your Jeep Wrangler not starting and emitting a ticking noise. You’ll more commonly encounter this problem in the winter season and the trouble will most often lie in your car’s battery. We have mentioned above how to take care of an empty battery. Another possible reason could be a broken ignition cable or a faulty starter. And the most neglected reason could just be an empty fuel tank. 

It is important that you pay attention to these problems in a sequence as soon as you encounter a stalled Jeep. However, the engine of a Jeep is more complicated than it seems. If none of the above is revealed to be a problem, the actual problem may be deeper and may only be revealed by a mechanic. 

Take care to get your vehicle started once so you can then take it to the nearest mechanic and ascertain the actual cause. If that is not possible, get your Jeep towed. If this problem occurs more frequently than ever, get your car properly assessed by an expert. An ignorance of such problems could deepen the already existing flaw. Care well for your beast and get it checked regularly.

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