Jeep Wrangler Headlights Not Working

Know how to best maintain your Jeep Wrangler 

Whether you are caught in assaulting rain or driving home late at night, you cannot imagine navigating any road without well-functioning headlights. The absence of headlights not only reduces your ability to look ahead in the dark, but it also means that other drivers cannot spot your car on the road. This problem could position you in a dangerous situation. Yours and your loved one’s safety could be severely compromised. 

Headlights are important components of a car and it is vital that they remain shining bright. If you are troubled with your Jeep Wrangler headlights not working, be sure to examine the problem on time and not drive your car in this unprotected situation. It is essential that you consult a trusted mechanic and get this issue corrected as soon as possible. 

Check these components to detect the source of this problem

There could be several reasons behind your faulty headlights. Some components are usually involved in this problem and must be adequately assessed. This includes your headlight bulbs, the headlight fuse, headlight wiring, headlight sockets, and the headlight switch. Either one of these could be the source of this problem and must be examined to find a proper solution. 

Properly examine the headlight bulbs

It is common to find burned out low beam headlight bulbs. This is why so many Jeep Wranglers have properly working high beam headlights while their low beam lights don’t work. The low beam headlights are kept on for way more time than their high beam counterparts, this is why they suffer more frequently. 

If your Jeep model has separate bulbs for the high and low beam headlights, check the bulbs for signs of blackening. It is also possible that there are just two separate filaments for the high and low beam. To check adequately, you need to be aware of the normal anatomy of a Jeep’s headlight bulb. If you know how to correctly replace a burned-out bulb, well and good. Otherwise, you must take your Jeep to a good mechanic. 

Check the headlight fuse 

Each component of the electrical system in your Jeep is protected with fuses. These fuses are meant to blow and break the circuit if more than the necessary amount of current flows through them. Like this, all the important components of the circuit stay safe and protected. A relay system switches the power between the low and the high beam headlights. Improper functioning of the relay system could also cause problems. Your low beams may go bad even when your high beams are properly functioning. 

Examine the headlight wiring

Any electrical system would suffer the consequences of bad wiring. A spoiled wiring system would compromise the normal functioning of the electrical parts. Your Jeep’s headlights can also be affected by this factor. It is possible that some rodents may have chewed on your wires and made the connections loose. You can check the working of the wiring system yourself with the help of a voltmeter. This factor could be preventing the electricity from reaching your headlights.

Check the headlight sockets 

The headlights on your Jeep consist of headlight bulbs placed in their respective sockets. These sockets can become corroded with time. This problem can either arise because of bad electrical ground or some other deeper issue. The functioning of your headlight will then be compromised. Note that the high beams are a part of a different circuit than the low beams so they would work just fine.

Examine the headlight switch 

The steering column of your Jeep must contain the lever switches that control the headlights. This switch is very sturdy and serves numerous functions. But it is also liable to wearing out. If your switch doesn’t click into its proper position like it originally did, this could be a source of the problem. You should have a proper mechanic examine this switch to find out. 

Know how to fix a bad low beam headlight bulb 

A burnt-out low beam bulb is the most common cause of faulty headlights. It is rather important that you know how to fix it on your own. 

Spot the bulb that has blown out 

Jeep Wrangler Headlights Not Working

The blown-out bulb will be easily apparent while driving at night. Leave your headlights on and get outside the vehicle to spot the beam that doesn’t shine as bright as before. Note that some Jeep models use a single bulb for both high and low beams. Others would employ different bulbs for both of these. 

If both beams on one side seem to be completely blown out, this means your Jeep utilizes a single bulb for high and low beam functions. Once you have identified the problematic beam, you can then replace the bulb that is problematic. Note that it is not important to replace bulbs on both sides of the Jeep if only one side has gone bad.

In case the high and the low beam of a single side are not working, it is possible that your car’s electrical writing has a fault. 

Purchase the replacement bulb

Purchase the right replacement bulb according to your Jeep’s year of manufacture and the specific model. The clerk at the automotive store must have the right information to provide you with the right bulb.

Prepare your tools 

While this may seem to be an easy task, the replacement of a low beam headlight bulb can be more tricky than you expect. You may require specialized tools to remove certain components and the beam bulb. Sometimes, you may even need to remove your Jeep’s bumper. Go through your service manual to access the right tools for the job. 

Make sure that you disconnect the negative terminal of the battery 

Before disconnecting the battery, make sure that you have properly labeled the side on which your bulb has blown out. Your headlights will be switched off when the battery has been disconnected. Then use a socket wrench to loosen the nut that is holding your car battery’s negative terminal. 

Note that this nut doesn’t have to be completely removed. It should be loosened just enough so that the cable can be slid off the terminal. The cable should then be fastened on the side of the battery to ensure that it doesn’t reconnect to the terminal at the time you are working. The positive terminal of your car’s battery doesn’t need to be disconnected because the circuit remains aptly broken with the loosening of the negative terminal. 

Carefully remove the trim pieces 

A plastic trim serves to keep the headlight assembly separated from the other components of the engine. This trim needs to be carefully removed so that you can access the headlight bay. Sometimes, you may have to remove your Jeep’s front bumper because it covers the headlight. Your Jeep’s service manual will appropriately guide you regarding which pieces of trim need to be removed to reach the headlights. 

Make sure that you don’t break any plastic trims in the process. The snaps and the fasteners that hold the trims must also be carefully handled. 

Spot the headlight holder 

The headlight bulb is usually held in place with the help of a plastic or metal bracket. Take guidance from your Jeep’s service manual and properly remove the headlight and the wiring from the plastic housing. A simple ¼ turn in the clockwise direction should help you pull out the bulb from its housing. In case you have removed any nuts, remember to keep them safe until you reassemble these parts. 

Properly disconnect the cables from the headlight

There will be wires attached to the base of your headlight bulb. Carefully disconnect these wires and save the plastic clips and cables at a safe location. Make sure that you don’t accidentally remove these wires from the headlight housing. 

The clips are usually made of brittle plastic and should be carefully dealt with. In the absence of clips, you can utilize the electrical tape.

Remove the headlight bulb

Removing the bulb from the headlight housing demands more caution than you expect. The bulb should be handled at its base because the glass could break on being pressed. A broken bulb could pose more problems in removal. In case you accidentally break this bulb, use pliers to take out the broken bulb from the housing. You should never touch a broken bulb with bare hands. 


Faulty headlights can pose an immense danger to your Jeep Wrangler. It is best to get this fault repaired as soon as possible. And once you are aware of this problem, you must not get on the road at night. Other drivers may not be able to see you in the darkness. This could lead to a bad collision. You will also not be able to spot the approaching or parked vehicles and objects in the dark. Maintain your Jeep in the best possible manner with the right caution and timely solutions. 

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