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It can be quite frustrating to discover your Jeep Wrangler door lock stuck. Not only would this make you late for work, but you’d also be perplexed in finding a trustworthy solution. In some cases, the only way to open the door is by taking them off. Although, that may also not be an easy task. Sometimes, the removal of Wrangler doors requires tons of lube, determination, and struggle.

If your Jeep Wrangler’s door is stuck or you are not able to open it from outside, consider that the mechanic will charge you around $80 and $90 just for inspection. Oftentimes, the problem with the power door lock is related to a flaw in your Jeep’s electrical system. You must take your car to the mechanic very soon. However, if you wish to solve this problem on your own, it is recommended that you remove the doors of your Wrangler. 

Follow these steps to open your door lock

Roll down the window and carefully pull out the door panel. Then remove the screws in the panel. You can employ a long screwdriver to move the lock lever that drops down from the lock cylinder. This should help in opening your Jeep’s door. Remember that you’ll have to replace the latch or the door will probably get stuck again. There could be some electrical fault behind your locked doors. This can only be analyzed by your trusted mechanic.

Take your Jeep to a good mechanic to get the issue properly fixed. In some cases, the door of your Jeep may have to be removed. While this can be easily accomplished by the mechanic, you can also do it yourself. Since Jeep Wrangler consists of many removable parts, the removal of the doors should be comparatively easy. 

Remove the Wrangler’s doors by yourself 

While many people drive their Jeeps around without any doors, the removal of doors is not as easy as it is made to appear. It involves a complicated process and people often prefer to seek the help of experts. First of all, a Jeep Wrangler’s doors are heavy. They can be extremely difficult to grab and move. Also, you always run the risk of breaking some of the other components. 

You will have to apply tremendous force for this task. But you’ll also have to limit the amount of force to ensure you don’t make any major damage. Remember, you want to remove the door, not break it down. Without a doubt, the doors of the JL Jeep Wrangler are comparatively easy to remove. These doors are already light in weight and are built in a convenient manner. A special handle on the door makes it easier to be grabbed so the removal is free of hassle. 

If you compare this model to the previous Jeep Wranglers, especially the JK Jeep Wrangler, there is an extra bolt that needs to be removed. Just the freedom of this bolt will release the door and expose a special panel. This panel holds all the electrical wiring that needs to be sorted. You’ll have to carefully disconnect this wiring to disengage the door completely.

It’s true that the removal of this wiring adds an extra diligent process. But the overall task of removing the door is relatively simple. Follow these steps to carefully remove the stuck door of your Jeep Wrangler without causing damage to any other important components.

Jeep Wrangler Door Lock Stuck

Carefully follow these simple steps and remove that jammed door

As we have mentioned before, the process of removal of a Jeep Wrangler’s door is not difficult. Moreover, it is especially easy if you have a JL Jeep Wrangler. First of all, you need to gather your Jeep tool kit. This must have been supplied with your car when you first brought it home. You’ll need the small ratchet, the T40 Torx bit, and the T50 Torx bit out of this kit. 

The front doors of your Wrangler can be easily removed by taking out the locking pins from underneath the door hinges. You can do this easily with the help of a T50 Torx bit along with the ratchet. You’ll find T50 stamped in the metal of the hinge. So even if you forget to refer to a guide, the components themselves will remind you which Torx bit to use. 

Be careful to not scratch the paint. You can place your hand as a barrier between the ratchet and the door to prevent any damage to the color. Spot the storage section in the back of the Jeep. You should be really careful with the bolts you take out of the door hinge. Take care to protectively store them at this place. You really cannot take a chance with losing them.

Each door is equipped with two bolts. Because there are two doors in your Wrangler, you’ll have a total of four bolts. In case your Wrangler has four doors, you’ll have eight bolts to keep safe. Note that each door in the new Jeep models will also have an additional bolt that you’ll need to remove. These extra bolts are meant for the door catch. This feature keeps the door from freely opening and closing.

You’ll need the T40 Torx bit and the ratchet in your Jeep’s tool kit for the removal of this bolt. Once you have completed the separation of the door, you can thread this bolt back in place through a hole meant for safekeeping. It is important to store these bolts here because there is no additional space for them in the rear. 

Before you actually disconnect the door of the Wrangler, you’ll also need to remove the limiting strap and the wiring. To complete these steps, you’ll have to unlatch the cover plate that contains all these connections. You can also spot a gap behind the panel through which you can pull it towards yourself. The panel is held in position with the help of push pins that can be easily pulled down and unhooked. 

A tether serves to keep the panel hanging even while it is disconnected. On the removal of the cover plate, you must carefully reach the wiring harness. First, pull the red pushpin. Then spot the safety pin at the bottom to push it down. This safety pin is a new feature of the JL Jeep Wrangler. On the completion of this step, push the white piece outwards and upward so that the wiring harness gets released. 

Once the wiring harness has been disconnected, the limiting strap can be lifted and removed from the hook. You can easily remove your front doors after the completion of this step. There’ll be a special groove in the door to make the removal easier for you. 

The overall process is similar for the rear doors. The locking pins under the hinges will be removed with the help of the T50 Torx bit and the door check bolt will be removed with the help of the T40 Torx bit. The only main difference in the whole removal process is the cover plate and the wiring. Once all your bolts have been removed, you can pull the cover plate out from the bottom. Then you can pull it up straight until it comes out. The disconnected panel will remain hanging because of the tether.

You’ll notice that the wiring for the rear doors is rather simple to disconnect than the front doors. You only need to push the tab down and pull the wiring towards yourself to release. Then you need to pull the door limiting strap upwards to unhook. This will let you take out the rear doors as well. You can grab them from the handle and pull them up. 

Jeep Wrangler is equipped with removal components to enhance your overall driving experience, so it is relatively easy to remove any portion of the car you want. Many people enjoy driving their Wranglers without the doors. An off-road track can be even more intimately scaled when there are no doors and you are one with the surroundings. It is common for outdoor enthusiasts to remove the doors on their expeditions. Taking the doors off also improves your vehicle’s fuel economy. 


Finding out that your vehicle’s door is stuck can be very disturbing. Especially when you have to be somewhere on time. If the more important task is to reach the office, you must take a cab. Otherwise, the first steps that we’ve mentioned can help. Else, you can always call a mechanic to help. 

If you have some mechanical skill and sense, you can attempt to remove the door of your Jeep Wrangler on your own. As compared to other cars, it is relatively easy because Jeep Wranglers are essentially made of removable portions. All the required tools are already present in your Jeep’s tool kit. You need to carefully store the bolts that you remove so they don’t get lost. 

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