Does Jeep Wrangler have A Backup Camera

Jeep Wranglers are meant to tread the most difficult paths with utmost ease. Because they can tread just about anywhere, it wasn’t first considered whether they would need a backup camera. The earliest Jeeps were small two-door vehicles with easy accessibility and a wide field of vision. It was essentially easy to look around so the need of a backup camera never arose. 

The Jeep Wrangler of today has four doors and a rather enclosed structure. Now that the modern design has compromised the open-ended field of vision, a backup camera seems necessary. But does Jeep Wrangler have a backup camera?

This decade saw the entry of new laws that require all vehicles to be equipped with backup cameras. Following this ordinance, the new Jeep Wrangler 2018 comes loaded with a high-quality backup camera as a standard feature. This is unlike all the previous models that never saw this modification. 

However, there are plenty of good quality backup cameras for Jeep Wranglers in the American market. Aftermarket rear-view cameras are just as safe, convenient, and dependable. You’ll get the cheapest model to snugly fit your budget. And you’ll also find the expensive high-resolution option with absolute feels to give you detailed sensory information. 

We have performed extensive research to find a lot of worthy information about backup cameras for Jeep Wrangler. We hope you find this information helpful. 

Be assured that it is important for your Jeep Wrangler to have a backup camera

A  backup camera is a relatively modern addition in the automobile industry. Jeep Wranglers started being equipped with backup cameras only in 2018. Before that, one only has the option of aftermarket backup cameras. If you want to consider whether it is important for you to install a backup camera in your Jeep, consider the fact that this simple camera can add supreme benefits to your driving abilities. 

You have no idea how easy this camera will make it to access and view spaces that are otherwise restricted from our field of vision. These simple wide-range cameras will be attached to the rear end of your vehicle and are linked to a screen that is observed by the driver. This is a modern innovation that replaces the archaic rear-view mirrors. 

Manu US states have made it mandatory for vehicles to be equipped with backup cameras. This has brought about a new transformation in modern cars, trucks, and also Jeeps. While rear-view mirrors never fail to provide a clear view of what’s behind the car, they aren’t absolutely dependable. 

Blind spots are a common occurrence with rear-view mirrors and these often lead to easily avoidable mistakes and terrible accidents. 

does jeep wrangler have backup camera

Backup cameras have unending advantages 

A rear-view mirror does not provide a clear-cut picture of what’s actually behind your car. This may be a less severe problem for sedans and the like. But for Jeep Wranglers, this problem could easily prove fatal. 

Backup cameras have provided a reliable solution to this unending problem. Rear-view mirrors have a limited cone of vision while back up cameras expand the field of view.

Also, because these cameras are located outside your vehicle, there is no issue of blind spots. So the probability of mistakes and accidents is drastically reduced. 

Rear-view mirrors usually get blurred in the event of rainstorms. In such situations, backup cameras provide a relatively clear vision. This is especially beneficial for beginners because the screen serves as a driving aid during the initial learning process. 

The on-screen guidelines on these backup cameras are further very helpful for parking and maneuvering. The possibility of misjudging distances is weakened because you have the clear measurements and guidelines in your face. This aid is especially beneficial if you often make mistakes while driving. 

There is an industry standard rear sensor at the back-end that beeps and lets you know the exact time you must make a quick decision. Your Jeep Wrangler would be unbelievably empowered with these backup cameras you didn’t know you need.

The installation of backup cameras is easy 

The installation of an aftermarket backup camera may seem to be a complicated process. Although, most cameras come with an easy-to-follow instruction guide that makes the process relatively simple. These steps will be easier to follow than you think. 

Oftentimes, these backup cameras are not equipped with complicated wiring. More often than not, they function with the help of wireless data transfer. This feature functions just like Bluetooth on a smaller parameter.

You only need to install this camera close to your license plate. The screen that comes along has to be installed near the driver’s seat. Best of all, this camera only derives power from your Jeep’s back up light. This means, it will only operate when your vehicle is going in reverse.

However, if this seems too technical, you can always go for professional help. Most garages offer this service so you can have a backup camera installed in less than an hour.

In case you don’t want to rely on the aftermarket options, you can consider installing Jeep’s authentic OEM backup camera. You can easily get this one at licensed Jeep dealers and garages.

Consider these four amazing backup cameras for your Jeep Wrangler 

We have brought you four top-quality backup cameras that’ll grant excellent ease to your rides. 

Brandmotion 9002-8838 rear vision camera system 

This reasonably-priced best-quality camera can be installed high upon the back of your Jeep Wrangler and it will give you detailed information about everything behind your back. The installation process is easy and doesn’t take long. 

Made in the USA, this camera executes excellent quality or recording no matter how dark or well-illuminated the surroundings are. There are two different configurations, with and without a mirror monitor display.


  • The camera is solid in structure 
  • The customer service is excellent
  • The recording quality is high at both day and night times
  • The installation is easy


  • This camera does not have adequate anti-rust protection 


This is a high-quality backup camera that is also reasonably priced. The quality of recording is also very high.

Brandmotion FVMR-8866 FullVUE rear camera

This relatively expensive option is top-notch and comes with an HD display. The recordings are crisp and clear and the images are well-defined be it night or day. The sufficiently large display can well replace the rear-view mirror. 


  • The display is sufficiently large 
  • This is a high-quality HD camera with a full 1080p resolution
  • This camera can be easily installed 


  • This is a rather expensive option 


While this camera is expensive, its recording quality is unmatchable.

Crux CCH-O1S Spare Tire Mount rear view camera 

This is probably the easiest backup camera when it comes to installation. You’ll require less than an hour to complete the installation process. Although, the best thing about this backup camera is its excellent picture quality and efficiency to work well even in the night mode. It is also a very affordable option. 

Even the customer service of this brand is very reliable. Moreover, it is compatible with a variety of Jeep models.


  • The installation is straightforward and simple 
  • The customer service is very dependable 
  • This camera is compatible with a variety of Jeep vehicles 


  • Users report that this backup camera is not very durable 


While the picture quality, affordability, and the customer service for this backup camera is incredible, the wiring is supremely unreliable and fails too soon. 

Tuxin-direct backup camera for Jeep

This backup camera has been built especially for Jeeps. The installation requires very little time and all the necessary hardware is included in the package. Best of all, this camera comes with a superior waterproof protection. You will never have to worry whether it is raining or snowing.

Also, this camera is quite affordable. While the recording quality could have been better and the resolution is relatively low, this camera still works adequately well in the night time. 


  • This is a perfect fit for Jeep Wranglers
  • This camera is adequately waterproof 
  • This is amongst the cheapest backup cameras in the market 


  • The recording quality is not very great 


This very affordable backup camera is sufficiently waterproof but lags behind in the recording quality. 

Conclusion – does jeep wrangler have a backup camera

Backup cameras are not just another fancy accessory. These additions can make your overall driving experience more comfortable than you can imagine. It is almost necessary to get aid from this modern innovation that should surely be set up on every vehicle in America. Well, if your state has made the use of backup cameras mandatory, you don’t really have another option. You must get a backup camera installed in your Jeep Wrangler.

Gone are the days when Jeeps had an unending field of vision because they were essentially open vehicles. The modern Jeeps are covered as well as all other cars, unless you choose to go topless. Anyhow, you’ll definitely need a backup camera to expand your field of vision and drive farther, even backwards.

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