Best Tuner For Jeep Wrangler

Wranglers are the jeeps that are meant for providing a high performance and heavy duty working. This is the vehicle that is perfect for off-roading and exploring dense forests by going to rough and bumpy terrains. This vehicle is already bestowed with features that provide amazing performance but if you still want an increased performance of your jeep, you can use a tuner and your work will be done. Tuning your vehicle will not only increase the speed but will also enhance the overall performance of your vehicle as well. There are several perks of using a tuner in your Wrangler but to find the one that fits the best for your Wrangler is important.

To help in this, we have shortlisted top 5 best tuner for jeep wrangler that will be the perfect choice for your Wrangler and without fumbling much between the various options, you can decide for the best one among the listed 5 best tuner for jeep wrangler. This is not only easy but also an effective way of selecting the best product among a lot of options available in the markets these days.

Top 5 tuners for your Jeep Wrangler


best tuner for jeep wrangler

An extremely facile and good quality tuner available at an unbelievably nominal rate. The processor of this one is also extremely fast and the transmissions take place automatically as well as manually. This is extremely handy and lightweight and is highly compatible with your Wrangler Jeep. If you have upgraded or modified the add-ons of your jeep such as the tires, the rigs, gears, etc., and want to get higher performance from your Wrangler then this tuner will be the right choice for you. This tune is advanced and has been made with a good technology that helps in the calibration of the speedometer.

The changes for the daylight options are also supported by this tuner and it is another factor that makes it superior to all the others in the market. This tune can also tune various options for delay for all the necessary accessories like the headlights, etc. This can also be easily updated whenever needed by simply connecting it online. This tuner boosts the performance of all the parts of your vehicle be it the tires, the gears, the speedometer or anything.

Even if you are taking your Wrangler for off-roading, this tuner will work for you perfectly. There are also tow tunes available in this tuner that can be used by your whenever you wish. You can also transfer these upgrades to your computer easily as there are all the tools available to do so.


  • Comes with options that can be easily customized
  • Provides the perfect calibration to all the parts
  • Comes with an easy online updating facility


  • Will not support imported jeeps

Our Verdict

A good quality tuner that provides all the amazing features to the users. Comes with the right facilities and can be updated using the internet and all the data can be easily transferred as well. Increases the overall performance of your jeep by giving the right calibration. A good option to get your hands on as it is also available at a very nominal rate.


This Superchips Traildash is not less than any treasure. It is bestowed with gazillions of outstanding features and the only reason it made it places on the second number of this list is because of its high price. But if budget is not your constraint and you are willing to invest in a tuner that will provide you with amazing performance and will completely enhance the performance of your Wrangler then this is the one you need to get your hands on as soon as possible! Coming with a sleek design, this tuner is the upgraded version of the ones manufactured before it.

The display of this particular tuner is comparatively larger and not only this but it comes with a high resolution screen that has also elevated the performance of this tuner. This is capable of understanding the errors and also enhances the performance of the tires and the gears of your vehicle. There are also various types of tunes available such as tow, economy, performance, and crawl. This means that the device is not just good-looking but is also bestowed with some amazing features worth appreciating.

The screen of this device is touch sensitive and all the parts have their own features. This device can also easily connect with the backup camera of your Wrangler as well.


  • Lightweight
  • Can easily differentiate between error codes
  • Provides commendable performance


  • Available at a very high price

Our Verdict

This can be the perfect choice if you are willing to invest in a tuner that is loaded with outstanding and bewildering features just like this one. Apart from providing unbeatable performance, it also comes with a few amazing added features making it a classy product.  

3. Pedal Commander – PC31 for Chrysler Aspen (2007 – 2009) Limited, Limited HEV & All Other Models (4.7L) | Throttle Response Controller

This tuner is famous for working in four different modes- city, sport+, sport and eco. All of these can be easily accessed by the users whenever needed. If you want to experience the best performance by this then you need to switch to the eco mode and you will be lured by the dimension that it brings to normal driving. This particular tuner is also famous for facilitating fuel efficiency as it is said to save around 20% of fuel, this is an outstanding feature of the tuner that should be appreciated.

Talking about the various modes provided by this one, the city mode is something that will let you experience another level of speed even by putting in the least efforts. The other two modes namely sports+ and sports are the ones that will let you get your hands on amazing output. This tuner also comes with a feature that outclasses all, that is the Bluetooth communication method provided by this.

Depending upon your choice and the amount of sensitivity you require, you can switch between the 8 levels of sensitivity provided by this product exclusively. Each mode comes with additional 9 types of settings options for you to finely tune the system as per your choice. The installation of this is also very easy and quick.


  • Comes with 4 modes and 8 levels of sensitivity
  • Highly efficient
  • Comes with outstanding Bluetooth communication


  • Tricky installation

Our Verdict

A tuner that comes with the Bluetooth communication system and works amazingly well. It offers four different modes that can be further controlled by 9 different panels easily. You can also play with the sensitivity as it comes with 8 different levels of sensitivity to switch between. Overall, it is a good option to purchase for your Wrangler.


This tuner stands to be a best choice for a lot of vehicles and models. This tuner also maintains the OEM reliability and provides the best performance by enhancing the timing of the engine, and all the other parts of the vehicle to ensure that your Wrangler delivers high performance. The air-fuel ratio is also taken care of by this tuner to ensure that it can give the desired and needed tuning for your vehicle’s performance. This tuner is full of pre-loaded dyno files that are there to increase the torque and the horsepower easily.

This also comes with a feature of custom-tuning that helps in attaining the finest tuning. This device can also work with Wi-Fi support perfectly. If the product is connected to the internet, you do not have to worry about the upgradations as it will get updated on itself from time to time whenever there will be new updates.

This tuner also comes with several files for tuning and this also makes the tuning process a bit easy. The Wi-Fi support of this tuner makes it easy for communication and transferring of data as it can easily get connected to the internet.


  • Comes with a Wi-Fi support feature
  • A compact product that delivers high performance
  • Custom tuning is also available


  • Extremely high in price

Our verdict

Marked at an extremely high range, this tuner is something that is especially for the FORD vehicles but provides a good fit to the other vehicles as well. So, if this is something that will not bother you then this can be a good choice as there are all the best features in this tuner that are worth the price. The Wi-Fi support adds to the various features it comes with.

5. Hypertech 32501 Max Energy Power Programmer

The most critical feature for which tuners are needed is the tuning of the gas or the diesel engine, and the Hypertech tuner specialises in the same. The design of this tuner is such that it can easily support the various kinds of performance tuning that is needed for the vehicle. The display of this tuner is also amazing and comes with a superb design and is also accompanied with various knobs for being used at optimal situations. Other important tunings such as the delay in the headlight and other lights as well can be tuned easily with the help of this tuner.

To deliver high performance, the tuner reads the diagnosis and then accordingly provides results that are always good. Another unique feature of this tuner is the automatic shift of the transmission that makes it stand out. It also calibrates the speedometer to provide excellent speed and performance.

This product can easily tune heavy vehicles as well without much issues being caused to it. A vast range of changes of the tires can be tuned using this tuner and the feature of the reading and understanding of the code is something that helps in enhancing all these features.


  • A good quality product
  • Available at a feasible rate that is affordable
  • Understand and analyses the codes


  • The touch is not durable

Our Verdict

A good tuner that has a lot of features that all work towards providing an excellent performance to your Wrangler. Available at a feasible price, this tuner can be a good option for you.

Final Verdict

Comparing all the features, pros, cons and all the reviews of the top 5 listed products or tuners for your Wrangler, we have concluded that there are two products one available at a nominal rate while the other available at a slightly higher range but they both are the best your Wrangler could get. They are- BRAND NEW SUPERCHIPS FLASHCAL F5 and NEW SUPERCHIPS TRAILDASH 2 IN-CAB TUNER.

The considerations for buying a tuner for your Wrangler-

  • Model: Buy the one that goes with your Wrangler model as there are specific tuners for various models and vehicles.
  • Screen: Prefer the full HD screens as you will be able to easily get the readings on such a screen.
  • Accuracy: The main factor that needs to be emphasized upon. Go for the one that provides just the accurate tuning and is able to analyze the error codes and everything for better performance.
  • Accessories: Check what all accessories or add-ons are available with the tuner.
  • Budget: If budget is a constraint then look for the best options under a given budget.


Tuners help in enhancing and accentuating the performance of your Wrangler to the level you want. But this does not mean that you can get your hands on any random one. Selecting the right tuner for your Wrangler to ensure it does not damage the vehicle instead is able to bring out the best in it when used.

To help you do so, we have shortlisted the top 5 tuners in the market so you can easily choose the one for you as per your budget and needs.

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