Best Tow Bar For Jeep Wrangler

Who likes to land in a situation where you are helpless and do not know what to do! Even if your Wrangler is in a mint condition, you don’t know when suddenly it might get defected and needs towing. If you are in the middle of your journey or on any highway with absolutely nothing that can help you, it can be the most daunting situation. This is why it is always recommended to keep a good quality towing bar with you in your vehicle as it can come to your rescue at any point in your life!

The best tow bar for jeep wrangler can help you in taking your Wrangler jeep to the mechanic with a help of a secondary vehicle and get it fixed. As Wranglers are strong and heavy-duty vehicles, the tow bar needed to pull it while being attached to the other vehicle should also be heavy-duty and tough to bear all the load safely. Selecting the right tow bar for your Wrangler can drive you crazy, to help you remain sane and find the best tow bar, we have done the research and have shortlisted the best tow bar for jeep wrangler!

Top 5 tow bars for Jeep Wrangler

1. Blue Ox BX7365 Alpha 6,500lb Tow Bar

best tow bar for jeep wrangler

Do not judge a book by its cover! Yes, this saying goes perfectly for this Blue Ox tow bar. The bar looks extremely lean and thin, but the strength it manifests is beyond imagination. Looks tiny and lean, this beast weighing only 35 pounds can carry a weight up to 6500 pounds! This is more than enough for your Jeep Wrangler, and even small trucks. This tow bar is made up of heavy duty steel in a triple lug design allowing it to carry such a heavy weight with utmost stability.

This bar also comes with rubber boots and safety cables that can help it to carry a weight up to 10,000 lbs easily. The tow bar is appreciated as it does the job with extreme balance and security, without causing any safety threats to the vehicles being towed using it. Adding to the amazing features, the installation of this tow bar is also super easy and can be done by anyone within a spur of the moment. There are no complex hooks that might need time for installing, instead the simple hooks can get easily attached and detached without taking much time.

The rubber boots installed in the tow bar are also useful in protecting it against any kind of accommodation of dust, gunk or dirt. The tow bar can be easily folded and stored at the back of the Wrangler.


  • The package contains safety cables
  • Comes with a self-aligning feature
  • The steel body provides the ultimate towing force
  • Easy to use hooks
  • Easy installation


  • No cons as such

Our Verdict

Securing the top position in the top 5 products, this towing bar is nothing but a masterpiece. Designed in such a manner that it is easy to carry and install and does the job like a beast. Investing in such a tow bar will prove to be a perfect investment that will help you in easily escaping from an unwanted situation!

2. Roadmaster 520 Falcon 2 Mounted Tow Bar – 6000 lb. Load Capacity

The explicit design and structure of this tow bar is not only made up of high quality and heavy duty steel but the presence and the use of elite quality powder make it even more tough and robust. The coating gives it the strength to survive even in the toughest weather conditions and increases the life of the bar. Another factor that makes it last long is the construction and design as it comes with extreme safety features that help in lasting a long time for use. This two bar measures 50 pounds and this heavy weight contributes to canceling the excessive instability and the shakiness of the vehicle when towed.

The presence of nylon also helps in reducing the friction between the two arms that are in use, this will ensure that there are no jerks. You also do not need to waste time in attaching the hooks to the vehicles, the installation of this one is also extremely easy and fast. Without wasting much time and energy, you can easily attach it to the vehicles and get your work done!

This tow bar can carry a weight up to 6,000 pounds making it one of the best fit for your Wrangler. The easy to use mechanism and the swift foldability of the tow bar makes it extremely easy to store after use.


  • Easy to use and install
  • Safe and aligned
  • Comes with lubricated arms to reduce friction
  • Comes with a large radius hook up
  • Mounted tow bar


  • Does not come with safety cables

Our Verdict

A sturdy and durable tow bar that serves all the purposes to its best. Perfect for your Wrangler as it can easily tow a weight up to 6,000 pounds and keeps the vehicles stable and aligned ensuring no damage or inconvenience. Totally justifying its value, you can invest in this without thinking twice.

3. Demco 9511008 Dominator Tow Bar

Impressing us with the excellent weight and towing ratio this tow bar by Demco comes with, it makes it place on the third position in the list! The weight of this tow bar is only 30 pounds while the weight it can carry is up to 7,500 pounds. Isn’t is just bewildering? If budget is not one of your constraints then this tow bar will fall right up your alley! This towing bar is made up of aluminum and steel, making it as strong as it can be. The alloys of both of the elements provide a perfect durability and strength to the bar that is justified in its performance.

Easy to install and use, these tow bars will also save you from spending much time and effort in hooking it up with your vehicle at the time when you are already frustrated. This tow bar comes with independent arms that can be hooked on very easily and the easy trigger release technology helps in the swift removal of the bar as well.

The package comes with mounting clips as well to attach the cables with utmost safety, there are also safety cables in the kit which is like a cherry on the cake!


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Highly durable
  • Adjustable angles and handles provide easy towing
  • Comes with a self-aligning technique
  • Easy to use and install


  • A bit expensive
  • The presence of the second lock is missing

Our verdict

Again, if budget is not something you need to worry about, then this tow bar is equipped with all the features and elements making it one of the best choices! It is a lightweight bar that can tow a huge amount of weight and also comes with safety cables.

4. NSA RV Products (RB-9025 Aluminum Tow Bar)

This is a heavy duty and a tough and durable tow bar available at a bit higher price but delivers a performance worth the money spent. So, if you are willing to invest in a tow bar that is heavy duty and will last you a long time without any decrease in its efficiency to carry the load then you can lay your hands on this one! The weight of this tow bar is 30 pounds while the total amount of weight it can carry is 8,000 pounds. The bar is made up of aluminum that makes it super strong and durable with the powder coating that prevents the accommodation of dust or gunk on the same. The guards coating this bar also protects it against the extreme weather conditions making it perfect for use at all times.

The design of this tow bar is extremely simple that will allow you to easily use the bar by hooking and unhooking it to the vehicle. The tow bar is extremely easy to use and install whenever in need.

This tow bar kit also comes with a pair of safety cables that is an added perk. The tow bar can be carried around in your Wrangler easily as it can be folded and kept at the back.


  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • Lightweight
  • Can carry a huge amount of weight
  • Comes with safety cables
  • Easy to use and install


  • The mounting clevis needs to be bought separately
  • Comes at a high range

Our Verdict

If you think there might be a need when you will have to get a weight around 8,000 pounds to be towed then only you should invest in this tow bar. Available at a high price, this bar serves all the purposes extremely well and is lightweight as well. The presence of the safety cables also makes it extremely valuable. The clevis needs to be bought separately and the rate of this bar is super high.

5. Smittybilt 87450 2″ Ball Adjustable Tow Bar Kit – 5000 lbs. Rating, Black

A perfect choice for beginners who are just starting to know what is a tow bar and how it needs to be used at the time of emergency then this towbar by Smittybilt is the best one for you. This tow bar is extremely easy to use and investing in the kit is a mindful investment that will only benefit you. The lateral design of the struts and the brackets ensure that the vehicles will be stable and safe while towing.

This tow bar is also super easy to use as it can be easily connected and disconnected without taking much time. There are also the safety chains that are provided by the manufacturers ensuring the total safety of the vehicle. This tow bar can carry a weight up to 5,000 pounds.

The two pairs of safety chains provided by the manufacturer are made up of steel and are plated with nickel making it extremely strong and durable. Overall, this is the best low-budget tow bar that serves all the functions and is equipped with commendable features as well.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with two pairs of safety chains
  • Provides stability and safety
  • Extremely affordable


  • Need for stronger bolts

Our Verdict

Do not go on the cheap price this tow bar kit comes for, it does the job extremely well! And as stated, this one is perfect for people who are the newbies. The kit comes with a lot of items that can be used to provide ultimate safety to the vehicle. Available with two safety chains, this tow bar kit can be bought at an extremely affordable rate as well!

Final Verdict

Comparing the top 5 products of the list, we find that the Blue Ox BX7365 Alpha 6,500lb Tow Bar can be your best purchase as it is available at a nominal rate and furnishes you with all the best features!

The features to look for while choosing the best tow bar for your Wrangler

  • Weight of the bar: Bars should be lightweight so that they can be easily carried and stored in your vehicle.
  • Process of installation: Should be easy to install and use at the time of emergency.
  • The capacity of towing: The towing capacity should be at least more than 5,000 pounds to easily tow your Wrangler jeep.
  • Weather specifications: Ensure that the tow bar is weather resistant.


You cannot foresee when you might land in a situation when your Wrangler needs to be towed due to any technical issue. This is why it is always recommended to keep the best tow bar in your vehicle to easily help in moving your jeep for taking it to the mechanic. With a wide range of options available of various two bars, you do not need to confuse yourself, instead, take a look at our top 5 best tow bar for jeep wrangler recommendations and get your hands on the one that suits you the best!

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