Best Spark Plugs For Jeep Wrangler

If the ignition of the air or fuel is strong, the engine will also respond in the same manner and will provide high performance for which Wrangler Jeeps are known for. Apart from all the other accessories that are needed to make your vehicle well-equipped and studded with the right parts to provide the best performance, spark plugs are also one of the most important things that are often neglected. But, one should not forget that spark plugs are the ones that help in the strong ignition of the engine of their Wrangler Jeep. This makes these spark plugs one of the very important things that should be taken care of in your Wrangler.

If you go to the market to get your hands on a best spark plugs for jeep wrangler, you will be astonished to see such many options. Selecting the perfect one among them will be an extremely difficult task that will not only take time but a lot of research as well. To make the process easier for you, we have done the research on our part and have enlisted the top 5 suggestions of the best spark plugs for jeep wrangler available for your Wrangler in the market.

Top 5 spark plugs for Wrangler Jeep

1. E3 Spark Plugs E3.66 Automotive Spark Plug

best spark plugs for jeep wrangler

A spark plug that is designed to reduce the consumption of fuel in your Wrangler and that also provides high-performance increasing the power of your jeep. Using this spark plug will also improve the emission of the hydrocarbons from your vehicle. This is a high quality spark plug that is perfect for using with your Wrangler. The heat transfer in the electrode is also facilitated by the use of the patented technology. This also helps in increasing the intensity of the turbulence in the cylinder. The pre-ignition of the wires is also controlled by the temperature of the side wire that is reduced by 8% with the help of an alloy called the yttrium.

It is an excellent spark plug that offers a good amount of ignition power to the engine of your Wrangler and it is extremely durable as well. The design of the spark plug is made with colder ranges of heat that help in the process of modifying if needed. This spark plug comes with all the needed items and you do not need to buy anything in addition to the same.

If you will use this spark plug, you will also experience a change in the time taken by your engine while starting. This spark plug enables the quick starting of the engine.


  • The engine ignites well
  • The jeep is started quickly
  • Increased durability due to yttrium alloy


  • Cannot be re-gaped if one needs some coil upgradations

Our Verdict

This is a good option for your Wrangler Jeep that offers high-performance and is extremely durable as well. The patented technology and the presence of the yttrium alloy makes the spark plug perfect to use with your Wrangler if you want to experience strong and quick engine pick-ups.

2. BOSCH-8116 Double Platinum Spark Plug – Up to 3X Longer

The standard plugs that are made up of copper do not provide a longer life like these BOSCH plugs that are made up of double platinum. The service life offered by these is 3 times longer and stronger than the usual spark plugs in the market. The fine design of the wire provides the users with an excellent performance and strong ignition. This is why these spark plugs by BOSCH are famous for using it with your Wrangler.

The durability of this spark plug is also increased by the 360 degree continuous welding with laser to fuse the firing pin of platinum. This way the ignition level as well as the durability, both are increased to provide a higher level of such service. This spark plug also comes with a pre-gap replacement and all the other original and high quality equipment. This spark plug is also highly compatible with a huge range of Jeeps or SUVs. This means this can also be a good fit for your Wrangler.

Providing high-performance and increasing the longevity and durability of the plugs so that it can be used for a much longer time, these spark plugs offer total value for the amount they come for.


  • Provides laser welding of 360 degree
  • Highly compatible with Wrangler Jeeps
  • Durable


  • No such complaints reported

Our Verdict

A perfect product that is worth the price it is available for that offers high performance and 3 times longer life. Comes with 360 degrees lase welding to increase the power of ignition and the service period of the plugs. A good deal for a high-performance, good quality and durable spark plugs.

3. Autolite XP985 Iridium XP Spark Plug

This spark plug provides a good ignition power due to the presence of the iridium loaded alloy of platinum on the electrode that facilitates the ignitability making this as one of the best features of this spark plug. It can be used in your Wrangler and even if you are going off-roading and the terrain is very bumpy and irregular and you need to restart the engine again and again, this spark plug will have your back always. It is famous for its good ignition power.

The wear and tear of the spark plug is also resisted by the patented side wire technology that is made up of platinum and is trimmed in a V-shape. This means that you do not need to worry about the wearing of the spark plug as it is protected by a side wire in a V-shape that helps in the longer life of the plug.

To ensure that this is the right choice for your vehicle, it is made with the OE design. There is also no erosion of the gap as it is made in such a way. This also increases the overall service life and durability of the spark plug.


  • Highly durable
  • Comes with protection towards wear and tear
  • Comes with nickel plating making it highly ignitable


  • No major complaints reported

Our Verdict

A good option for your Wrangler that will not only increase the ignition power of your engine but will also provide full protection against wear and tear for a longer use of the spark plug. Comes with nickel plating that facilitates the ignition power of the plug and the durability of the plug is also increased by the presence of the V-trimmed technology. Overall, it is a good option to get your hands on.

4. NGK Spark Plugs LZTR5A-13 Spark Plug

NGK brand is famous for the manufacturing of products that are reliable and are of amazing quality. This spark plug by the brand is made in the same pattern. Making them extremely durable and reliable attracts the customers as people want to get their hands on things that can last them a long time. This spark plug does the same. It offers a good service life and increases the longevity of its use with your Wrangler. The making of the spark plug is for OEM specifications making it fit for your jeep.

The durability is also increased by the use of the trivalent plating of a strong metal. This plating helps in the delivery of strong and powerful performance as well as making the spark plug highly durable and long lasting. This spark plug is also famous for the feature that it increases the economy of fuel as it facilitates less fuel consumption that is also a good option for cutting down on the ignition of extra fuel.

This spark plug lowers the rate of emission that helps in less consumption of fuel that also makes it an economical option. You also do not need to worry about the rusting of this spark plug as this one is corrosion resistant. This means that there is also no extra care or maintenance needed by these spark plugs by NGK.


  • The metal plating makes it durable
  • Comes with excellent fuel efficiency quality
  • Resistant to corrosion


  • A few complaints about the durability

Our Verdict

A good option to lay your hands on as it offers all the features that are important to be present in a spark plug. The metal trivalent plating makes it perfect for withstanding stressful and difficult situations by making it extremely strong and durable. This plug is corrosion proof and helps in lesser fuel consumption making it a good and effective choice for your Wrangler.

5. Champion Champion Iridium 9407 Spark Plug

This is a premium quality spark plug by Champion that provides undoubtedly ultimate high performance and maximum results when used with your Wrangler. The center of this spark plug is made up of iridium that helps in providing a maximum service life by making it super durable and long lasting. Iridium is a material that facilitates the life of a spark plug. The electrode of this spark plug made up of the iridium center not only increases the life span but also prepares it for the toughest of the situations.

Not only the durability, but the ignition power of the ignitability is also increased by the V-shaped trimmed electrode comes with a finely wired center that helps in the strong and quick ignition. This in turn helps in providing a strong ignition power to the spark plug. The V-shape of the trimmed electrode also provides a sharp focus for ignition that leads to a quick and instant ignition feature.  

Another quality or feature of this spark plug that is highly appreciable is that it maintains a very stable and neutral operating temperature under all the kinds of situations where the load on the engine may increase. This means, no matter how strong is the engine load, there will be an optimal temperature maintained throughout by the spark plug.


  • The temperature remains optimal and stable
  • Available in various packs
  • Highly ignitable


  • Certain issues regarding the packaging

Our Verdict

If you are certain that these plugs will fit your Wrangler in the best possible manner then surely you can go ahead with this buy. These spark plugs come with all the best features needed to make it a good choice for your Wrangler. These are durable, provide good ignition power and are famous for maintaining a perfect temperature even at high engine loads.

Final Verdict

Based on the jeep models of your Wrangler, you need to find the best one that satisfies all your requirements and also comes under your budget. As the spark plugs are fit for various kinds of models of Wrangler Jeep, the final decision of choosing the right one has to be made by you only. The ones that we found to be the best fit for a Wrangler Jeep are E3 Spark Plugs E3.66 Automotive Spark Plug and Autolite XP985 Iridium XP Spark Plug.

The two main features that you need to look for while buying a spark plug for your Wrangler are

Lifespan and Warranty:  The average lifespan that should be provided by a spark plug should be at least 100k miles and any plug that offers you less than 50k miles should not be bought at all. Coming to the warranty, look for at least 3 to 5 years of warranty provided by the manufacturer.

Gaps in the Electrode and the rating of heat: Look for a spark plug with a broader heat range as it will be a better option. Plugs that have low heat ratings will get heated up very soon and will not be good for Wranglers.


Spark plugs are to be bought with paying utmost attention to all the important details. If this is not done while buying then it can lead to some serious issues. Wrangler jeeps require spark plugs that can provide a good ignition power and are durable and have a good service life. Finding such a plug is a hassle among so many options, this is why our list of the top 5 spark plugs is available for you to get the best plug for your jeep easily. 

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