Best Snow Tires For Jeep Wrangler

Heavy duty vehicles like the jeep Wrangler should be equipped with tires that are able to provide the perfect grip and hold on the roads and even while off-roading. As the winter season approaches, there are high possibilities of snowing and this is the time when you need to get your hands on the best snow tires for your jeep to ensure safe traveling even on slippery roads covered with snow. The grooves of these tires provide the best grip even on snow ensuring safe and secure journeys.

There are several companies that manufacture such snow tires but to choose the best one from a large variety can be extremely daunting. To make this task easy and to help you get your hands on the best one for your Wrangler, we have done the research for you and have shortlisted the top 5 best snow tires for jeep wrangler options along with their pros, cons and reviews. This is to make the process of choosing the best one for your Wrangler easy as you can select any one among the top 5 and get your hands on the best!

Top 5 snow tires for Jeep Wrangler

1. Bridgestone Blizzak WS80 Winter/Snow Passenger Tire 225/55R17 97 H

best snow tires for jeep wrangler

While you are driving on a road covered with snow and have to apply the brakes to stop your Wrangler at once without experiencing any slipperiness or discomfort, then you need to get your hands on such snow tires that can provide you with a good grip to control the movement of your vehicle. The Bridgestone Blizzak WS80 has a hydraulic coating that provides a good stopping and controlling power to the tires even on snow or ice. The mighty molecules elevate the working of these tires by helping you to get a perfect grip of the ground even if it is covered with snow.

The zig-zag sipes present on the tires that are 3 dimensional as well ensure that the grip of the tires on the ground is intact and there is a proper stability provided to the vehicle even if the ground is slippery. With a load capacity of 1609 pounds, these tires are perfect to be used in the winter season as they offer a perfect grip and stability on the ground making your rides safe and your journeys secure.

The cavity shape design of the tire distributes the pressure equally making the tire perfect to be used in dryness or even in snow. The lateral design of the grooves help in keeping the water out from the tires to avoid any kind of slipping accidents.


  • Provides a good breaking control
  • Hydraulic coating provides a good grip
  • The footprints help in balancing weight


  • Can make noise when dry
  • A delay in the steering is experienced

Our Verdict

A bit on the pricier side, these tires are perfect to be used in snow or ice during the winter season as they come with a hydraulic coating that makes it extremely easy to get a good grip while applying brakes and stopping. It is a good investment overall as the tire can be used in both dry as well as slippery terrains and roads.

2. Toyo 352150 Open Country A/T II Radial Tire – 285/70R17 117T

This is the tire that is perfect for all the kinds of terrains and roads. As the Wrangler jeeps are famous for the off-roading adventure, you do not have to worry if this tire will be compatible for the same or not as these tires by Toyo will be one of the best fits for such adventures. No matter how rough, bumpy or irregular the terrain is, these tires will provide their best performance in the same. One of its outstanding features that outclasses the others is the thread life of this tire. The thread life is such that it makes it look like new even after a rough and bumpy ride in an off-roading terrain.

For approximately 8,000 miles, these tires will look just like new because the quality of thread this tire is made up of is extremely high duty. The tires have deep grooves and blocks that provide a perfect grip even in the slippery roads and terrains. These tires also provide a good steering control and provide ultimate stability.

These tires have deep grooves that provide a good grip over the roads even if they are wet or slippery. Providing a good stability and balance, these tires are one of the best for Wranglers.


  • Provides good stability
  • Affordable
  • Looks good


  • Loud noise may be produced

Our Verdict

A good option available at a reasonable and affordable price that also fulfils all the necessary requirements. Provides a good grip on the ground and helps in maintaining stability and balance even if the ground is wet or is covered with snow. A good choice for Wrangler jeeps even if they are taken for off-roading.

3. Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac Radial – LT315/70R17 121Q

As we all know, Wrangler jeeps are famous for off-roading as they are the strong and sturdy vehicles that can bear the load and the unevenness of the rough and bumpy terrains. To get high-performance of these vehicles, using the tires that can provide the best support is an extremely important thing to do. The Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac tires are the ones that are especially made for such off-roading adventures. These tires are fit for providing the best grip even in the bumpiest and irregular terrains. These tires are designed in such a manner that they can easily bear the low pressure of the tires to provide a good grip and stability on rough and slippery grounds.

The presence of the zig-zag grooves and sipes in the tires help in providing them the maximum grip that makes these tires perfect to traverse the terrains and paths covered with snow or ice. This feature of these tires make them eligible for being one of the best options to be considered when looking for tires that can be perfect for the snow season.

The sidewalls of these tires are extremely strong and sturdy ensuring that there is no imbalance experienced while riding on slippery roads. The line tractions and grooves work amazingly well on grounds with snow and ice as the grip is super good and there are no chances of any slipping accidents.


  • Free from all sounds and noises
  • Provides great grip against mud and water as well
  • The groves provide a good grip on snow


  • Rotation is necessary or else can get cupped
  • A bit expensive

Our Verdict

Available at a bit heavier price, these tires provide a good drip over snow and ice making them a good choice for Wranglers during the snowy season. The zig-zag sipes and the groves make it easy to keep the vehicle stable and provide a good balance as well. Overall, a good choice as it also works the best in mud or water making it perfect for off-roading and there is no noise produced by these tires unlike others.

4. Milestar Patagonia M/T Mud-Terrain Radial Tire – 31X10.50R15 109Q

The Milestar Patagonia tires are the ones that will provide with the best of both the functions- ease of driving through snow as well as in mud. So if you are wondering whether these tires will work when you will be taking your beast for off-roading then the answer is yes. These tires are embedded with such features that they help in providing a great grip and traction of the ground even if the terrain or path is uneven or bumpy. You will experience much lesser jerks and will have a very safe and comfortable journey.

These tires are able to provide such features because of the design of the center thread pattern that is used while manufacturing these tires. This pattern helps in preventing and eliminating any potential space between the ground and the tire to avoid bumps and jerks. This also helps in eliminating the occurrence of any unpleasant noises caused due to the irregular tracks. You will not experience any grunting sound and your journey will be smooth and comfortable.

The weight of the tire is also very light and provides a perfect grip and stability available at an affordable price.


  • Lightweight
  • Provides stable and proper gripping
  • Comes with no noise


  • A few mileage inconsistencies

Our verdict

A good option for people who are searching for durable and lightweight tires providing a great grip and stability to your vehicle. Works well for muddy as well as snowy grounds. Comes with zero or a negligible noise making your ride silent, comfortable and safe.

5. General Grabber AT2 Radial Tire – 265/65R17 112T

A perfect tire for all kinds of terrains that is a good choice for jeeps and SUVs. Embedded with multiple tractions and tread patterns that provides a good grip and stability to the vehicle. These tires are perfect for the snowy surfaces as the grip and traction provided by them are super strong making the vehicle safe for journeys even in the winter season when the road is covered with snow or ice. It will prevent any kind of slipping accidents as it is embedded with perfect grooves and tractions providing a good grip over the ground no matter how slippery it is.

There will not be any kind of noise produced while these tires are in use. These tires will also not get stuck into the snow. That is also an evidence that these are perfect for off-roading as well. Facing all the bumps and rough terrains, these tires will provide you with a comparatively comfortable and noise free journey.

These tires are also perfect for handling mud and other sticky substances of the paths as the tires provide a good grip and stability to the ground.


  • Available at affordable rates
  • Provides go grip and stability
  • Perfect for all types of terrains


  • You might experience a bit of sliding on the roads
  • Good for minor off-roading only

Our Verdict

If you do not take your Wrangler for extreme off-roading adventures and are looking for tires that are fit for all the kinds of terrains then this one can suit your requirements. Provides a good grip on snowy as well as muddy grounds without any hassle. Available at an affordable rate, it is not a bad option to lay your hands on.

Final Verdict

After going through the descriptions and reviews of all the tires and the pros offered by them, we can conclude that Bridgestone Blizzak WS80 Winter/Snow Passenger Tire 225/55R17 97 H and Toyo 352150 Open Country A/T II Radial Tire – 285/70R17 117T are the two good options for your Wrangler in the winter season.


Q1. Is it important to use snow tires in winters?

Ans. Well, it cannot be said that it is mandatory to use snow tires during the winter season, but doing so can increase the stability, handling and balance of your vehicle while driving in snow.

Q2. Can I use winter tires for the whole year?

Ans. Winter tires are designed in a way that they can provide a good grip over snow, this means they have more groves and tractions than the normal tires. So, it is recommended to use them only when needed and use the normal tires for the rest of the year.


Wrangler jeeps are the most sturdy and strong vehicles. Using these in the winter season when there is snow or ice all over the roads requires snow tires to ensure that the journey is smooth and safe. The snow or the winter tires are designed in a manner that they have a lot of groves and tractions and are made up of such thread design that it can provide a good grip of the ground even if there is snow and it is slippery.

You can choose the best snow tire for your Wrangler by going through the top 5 suggestions enlisted by us and getting your hands on the best fits your budget and needs.

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