Best Snow Plow For Jeep Wrangler

During the winter season, along with the festivals like Christmas and New Year, there is also a lot of snow. Snowing is loved by people but when it comes to driving in pathways covered with heaps of snow, it becomes extremely difficult and frustrating. Snow gets collected in the roads and even outside the houses and the parking areas leading to the problem of not being able to take out your vehicle or drive the same. This is why a snow low is required. It helps in removing the snow heap from the middle of the pathway and provides an easy way to drive.

Your Wrangler Jeep is one of the fittest vehicles to do so when there is a lot of snow collected in any of your nearby roads or areas. All you need is a best snow plow for jeep wrangler and you will be good to go. But the process of choosing the right plow to use it with your Wrangler can be extremely difficult. Well, to make this easy for you, we have done the research on your part and have listed our top 5 best snow plow for jeep wrangler.

Top 5 snow plow for Jeep Wrangler

1. DK2 Avalanche Universal Snow Plow Kit – 82in. x 19in. 2in. Receiver Mount, Model Number AVAL8219

best snow plow for jeep wrangler

This snow plow is perfect to be used with your Wrangler when there is a need to do so. As it is especially designed to be used by the SUVs, it delivers high performance and easy fit with your jeep making the whole process of removing the snow from the roads super easy and comfortable. This snow low is also super easy to assemble as it can be done by only using a few hand tools. The process of attaching the snow plow to your jeep is also extremely easy as there are wheels in the plow that makes it super easy to attach as well as detach without putting in much effort.

This snow plow also provides the correct mounting at the front receiver. Whenever it is to be used, the front mount will make it easy to perform the function of picking up and removing the snow aside from the pathways. The amount provided is of 2 inches that is not very high nor very low and is just the perfect.

The controller that will be used while operating the snowplow is wireless. This makes the whole process extremely easy as there are no buttons and jacks that are to be operated for performing the task of removing the snow or ice from the roads. The wireless controller makes the whole process very easy. There are also three different angling positions that can be accessed while using this snowplow.


  • Provides 2 inches of mount
  • Comes with a wireless controller
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Provides three different angling positions


  • The instructions that are provided along with the kit are not up to the mark

Our Verdict

A product that justifies the cost it comes for! A perfect snow plow for your Wrangler that will not only do the job but will also make it super easy and effortless for you. Investing in this snow plow will be an extremely good option for you.

2. DK2 Avalanche AVAL8422 Universal Heavy Duty Snow Plow Kit 84 x 19 x 2 Inch Receiver Mount, Black

Another addition to the list is again the DK2 Avalanche snow plow. This is a heavy duty snow plow that is specially designed to work with SUVs. The measurements of the blade of this snow plow is 84x19x2, and this makes it a perfect match for your Wrangler. This snow plow can be assembled with ease as it comes with all the products that will be used while the process of assembling. The plow can be assembled by using a few hand tools only and it will be providing a perfect fit for your Wrangler as well.

The wheels attached to the snow plow make it super easy to attach and detach it from the vehicle whenever they are to be used to do the job of removing the snow from the roads. The process of attaching the snowplow to the vehicles are considered to be complicated but with the help of the caster wheels, it is made extremely easy.

The lower blade that is used to lift up and remove the snow from the roads can be operated using a controller. There are no such buttons that are to be operated in order to lift up the lower blade. There is a wireless controller that helps in doing so. The blade can also be manually adjusted and used in three different angling positions. The kit also comes with skid shoes, blade markers and snow deflectors.


  • Provides a 2-inch mount in the front blade
  • It is a well-equipped kit
  • Extremely easy to assemble
  • The blade is of the perfect dimensions


  • Complaints with the manual

Our Verdict

As stated, DK2 is a brand that provides extremely good and heavy duty products that can be used easily. This snow plow can be assembled without any difficulties as the kit is fully equipped with all the materials needed for a perfect fit.

3. SnowBear Personal Plow – 84in. x 22in., Model# 324-081

The SnowBear snow plow is the one that comes with all the equipment in the kit. From skid shoes to controller, everything is present in the kit. The skid shoes that are there with this snow plow kit helps to enhance the working and the performance even on the surface that has gravel or is uneven. There is also an electric winch present with the product. It is a 3000 lb winch that is given for the ease of use. The snow plow also comes with the snowplow markers that also add to the amazing features of this tool by SnowBear.

The control of the front blade is done with the help of a wireless remote that makes the job even easier. The snowplow can be controlled without any hassle as there is a wireless controller in the remote form. This makes this snowplow even easier to use with your Wrangler. The remote control also lets you handle all the load and the movement of the front blade easily.

This snow plow is also available at such an affordable rate. That means you do not have to burn a hole in your pocket if you want to get your hands on a snowplow of good quality.


  • Consists of snowplow markers
  • Wireless remote helps in easy handling
  • Affordable


  • Complaints about the winch

Our Verdict

An affordable snow plow to be used with the Wrangler that will provide you with all the best features to complete the task of removing the snow whenever needed. A good quality snow plow available for sale at an affordable rate.

4. Meyer 26500 Plow

Snowplows that have a power angle for the perfect mount and use during the winter season when the snow gets collected on the roads and has to be removed in order to get a clear path for driving. The whole package weighs around 399 pounds. This is a durable and sturdy snowplow that can be used well with your Wrangler.

The exterior of this snowplow is coated with a premium black powder that makes it protected from external factors that can damage the plow. This is one of the best features of this snowplow making it perfect for use during the winter season. This snow plow does not come with a front hitch so whenever you wish to use this plow, you will have to get it installed. All the other items needed for the assembly of this product are present in the kit.

This snow plow is slightly more expensive than the others in the list and this is because of the heavy duty material used to manufacture it. The plow is also durable and will last you long. The construction of the plow is also appreciated a lot. There is a wireless remote for the controlling and handling of the plow.


  • Wireless remote
  • Durable
  • Good construction


  • The front hitch is not available in the kit

Our Verdict

A good snow plow is available at a bit higher price but is extremely durable and is constructed in a well manner. If you want to invest in a snowplow that will last you long and will provide you with all the good features then you can consider this one.

5. Meyer Products MPR24000 Auto angle Home plow

This is a snowplow by the famous brand called the Meyer. The snowplow by this brand is slightly on the expensive side as it costs more than $2,000. This is because of the heavy-duty material used for the manufacturing of this product. This snow plow is extremely durable and sturdy and will last you long if you once invest in it. The construction of this snowplow is extremely high quality and is done in a manner that it can provide high-performance when used.

The kit comes with all the required tools for the setting up of the plow and the other needed equipment as well such as the repair tools that might be needed at any point of the time. The snowplow weighs 235 pounds and provides a facility of using the product with ease.

This snow plow does the job by working well with the Wrangler. It does not create any issues when used with your jeep.


  • Durable
  • Strong construction
  • Kit includes all the equipment and tools


  • Not good for such a heavy amount

Our Verdict

This snow plow is not only on the expensive side but also does not justify the amount it comes for by its performance. The only good thing about this is that it is durable and sturdy. So, if you are looking for a snow plow that is durable and is heavy duty then you can buy this one.

Final Verdict

Skimming through all the products and comparing their costs as well as the features, we conclude that the DK2 Avalanche Universal Snow Plow Kit – 82in. x 19in. 2in. Receiver Mount, Model Number AVAL8219 is one of the best options for your Wrangler that will provide you with all the features and is also under a budget.


Q1. What should be the size of the plow?

Ans. The size of the plow you will need depends upon the purpose for which you will be using it. The larger the plow, the heavier it will be so you should choose it accordingly.

Q2. What are the features to look for before buying a snowplow?

Ans. The features that you should look for before buying a snowplow are

  • The ease of use
  • The ease of assembling it
  • The material it is made of
  • The weight of the plow
  • The type of controller provided
  • The kind of fitting it provides to your vehicle
  • The level of mounting it provides


Winters bring a lot of snowfall and snowfall brings several inconveniences when it comes to driving. The snow gets collected on the roads and blocks the way for the easy passing of the vehicles. This is the reason why they need to be lifted and removed at the side of the pathways. The Wrangler Jeep being a heavy duty and strong vehicle can help in the process if provided with a good snowplow. Selecting the right snow plow is important to ensure that you are investing in a good one that not only performs all the functions but is also durable and reliable. With the list given by us of the top 5 snow plow products, you can select any one that satisfies all your requirements as well as your budget.

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