Best Oil For Jeep Wrangler

Oil is an extremely important substance that needs to be used in the vehicles and engines. It helps in keeping the various parts of the vehicle working smoothly and swiftly. To ensure the smooth movement of all the parts of your Wrangler and to give an impetus to the easy working of the engine, you should get your hands on the best oil available for the same. Wrangler jeep is a heavy-duty vehicle and for its high-performance it needs good quality of oil to be used to ensure that the parts are working properly and are all in coordination.

There are numerous options of oils present in the market but you need to find the one that will not only improve the working of the various parts of your jeep and engine but also provides them with protection from any kind of wear and tear. Selecting the right from a range of hundreds of options can be a daunting task and this is where we come in! With a good amount of research, we have shortlisted the best oil for jeep wrangler for you to get your hands on without putting in much effort.

Top 5 oils for Jeep Wrangler

1. Valvoline High Mileage with MaxLife Technology SAE 5W-20 Synthetic Blend Motor Oil 5 QT

best oil for jeep wrangler

This is an oil having a viscosity of 5W-20 that makes it fit for almost all the weather conditions. This oil will not turn too thick and not too thin providing just the right amount of viscosity needed. The oil is enhanced with additives that make it anti-wear and it provides a thick layer over the parts that prevent the unnecessary friction that can cause the wear and tear of the part. This anti-wear layer of this oil also prevents the auto-breakdown of the engine that can be caused due to less lubrication.

Using this oil will also not let any of the materials like dust, dirt or gunk get deposited on the engine or on the parts as it comes with added detergents as well. It also contains a few antioxidants that offer protection against motor oil breakdown. This oil by Valvoline is also available in several viscosity ratings and as per your requirements and the type of weather you live in, you can choose the one that will suit you.

This oil provides high-mileage and the presence of the conditioners in the oil help in rejuvenating the old and aged parts of your Wrangler and protects them from any kind of dirt and sludge. The bottle of this oil is designed in a spout manner that provides ultimate precision in pouring. You can easily drain all the oil out of the bottle into your jeep easily.


  • Provides maximum mileage of engine
  • Available in the perfect viscosity
  • Removes any kind of gunk build up
  • Easy to use
  • Prevents the accommodation of sludge and keeps the engine clean


  • Not the best choice for engines with low mileage

Our Verdict

Your search for the oil that is cost effective and also does the job with utmost accuracy is over with the presence of this oil. This Valvoline oil is enhanced with the right cleaners and add-ons and is also present in the right viscosity making it perfect to work in neutral to slightly extreme temperatures. You can get your hands on this one if you are looking for a high mileage providing oil!

2. Pennzoil – 550045202 Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic 5W-20 Motor Oil (5-Quart, Single-Pack)

This oil by Pennzoil is made from natural gas and is a synthetic oil with a viscosity of 5W-20. This oil is said to provide the best protection against all the wear and tear to the engine of your Wrangler. It also provides a better fuel economy as using this oil will give extra 550 miles a year as compared to a dirty and sludge coated engine. By keeping the engine well protected from all the kinds of dirt and gunk, this oil enhances its performance by a considerable amount. It is also fabricated in a manner that will provide protection against extreme hot temperatures or direct heat.

This oil will always retain the original efficacy no matter what the temperature is outside. You do not need to worry about the oil getting thicker in winters or thinner in extreme summers, it will maintain a normal viscosity. Not only the engine but it also keeps the pistons super clean provides you with ultimate protection against sludge and gunk accommodation that hamper the working of the engine.

This oil also acts as a lubricant between the two parts of your jeep that are rubbed against each other, this prevents the occurrence of friction between them. Keeping the engine and all the parts super clean, this oil provides an overall protection against the deposition of sludge even on parts.


  • Comes with a perfect viscosity rating
  • Keeps the engine very clean
  • Prevents the deposition of dirt and gunk
  • Provides excellent fuel economy
  • Full and real synthetic oil


  • Might not work for all vehicles

Our Verdict

This can be the best oil available at nominal price for you to lay your hands on. A full and real synthetic oil that is prepared by natural gas and is marked with the perfect viscosity rating. Prevents the deposition of all kinds of gunk and sludge and keeps the engine and all the parts of the vehicle super clean.

3. Castrol 03083 Edge 5W-20 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil, 5 Quart

An oil that will keep the engine of your Wrangler in a mint condition and will help it in giving its highest performance when in use. The Castrol oil is a synthetic oil that provides strength even under maximum pressure. This oil also reduces the metal to metal contact as it provides a lubricating film or layer between all the parts. The deposition of the gunk and dirt in the engine is also minimised by this oil, this in turn increases the responsiveness of the engine. The Castrol oil is a high performance oil available at an affordable price for the people to get their hands on this easily.

The viscosity rating of this oil helps in preventing the temperature degradation and keeps the oil fit in all the weather conditions. It also greatly increases the mileage of your jeep. The titanium fluid technology that is used in the making of this oil helps in preventing the damage and the wear and tear under high pressure and extreme temperatures. This titanium helps in the removal of the sludge that is deposited and also prevents the further deposition of the same.

Using this oil will keep the engine of your jeep protected against all the dirt deposition for about 3 whole months that is approximately for 3000 miles.


  • The best oil available at an affordable rate
  • Gives high mileage
  • Works best under extreme pressure and temperatures as well
  • Helps in clearing and preventing dirt deposition
  • Comes with good oil efficiency


  • Gets easily dirty

Our Verdict

A perfect oil for your Wrangler available at such an affordable rate and providing all the elite features. It is one of the best oils to get your hands on as it comes with all the best features needed for keeping your engine in a good condition.

4. Royal Purple 51520 High Performance Motor Oil 5W-20 (5QT)

This is an expensive option as it is a high-performance oil that provides an excellent protection against wear and tear to the engine of your Wrangler. This oil by Royal Purple comes in a wide range of various viscosity levels you can get your hands on. This is a synthetic oil that works best for both new as well as old engines. This oil also provides an increased fuel efficiency and also has a high compatibility with the fuels containing ethanol in them. This oil also protects the engine against any kind of corrosion and damage.

Preventing the rust and catalytic damage of the engine, this oil displays all its star features that make it a perfect option to be used for your Wrangler jeep. There are also several additives that are present in the oil that controls the deposition of the gunk and dirt and also prevent the further deposition of the same. A high mileage oil that is perfect for use in heavy duty vehicles like your Wrangler jeep.

This oil is said to be perfect for almost all the models of Wrangler jeep and also provides an extremely smooth and swift movement of your engine by protecting it against all the deposition of dirt and gunk. This oil is compatible with both gasoline as well as diesel engines and offers complete safety against corrosion, rust, etc.


  • Prevents the formation and deposition of sludge build up
  • Designed for engines having low mileage
  • Comes with a variety of viscosity ranges
  • Provides high mileage
  • Excellent damage and wear and tear protection


  • Will not work for new engines

Our Verdict

If the engine of your vehicle is not brand new then you can get your hands on this oil as it offers an excellent range of services. This oil can be a good investment if you are looking for the one that offers high mileage and excellent damage and wear and tear protection.

5. Mopar – Oil 5W20 Synthetic – Part# 5166240PA

What else can be the best option if the manufacturer of these heavy duty Wrangler Jeeps themselves have claimed the Mopar oil to be the best for use! The Mopar Oil has an ideal viscosity rating that is 5W-20. This rating signifies that this oil is meant to be used if you have the weather concerns in your mind. The oil will not turn too thick in extreme winters and will also not become thin in the warmer temperatures. It will keep a balance due to such a viscosity rate that makes this oil one of the best choices.

The main purpose of the oils used in the jeeps is to keep the engine smooth and lubricated. This job is perfectly done by this oil even at varied temperatures. Unlike other oils, this will not cause any issues even if you are taking it to extreme temperatures. You do not need to worry about the thickening or the thinning of this oil as the viscosity rate of this is just perfect.

This oil is enhanced by the presence of the various cleansing agents that will work in removing the presence of contaminants and will also prevent the building up of the same as well. The Mopar oil will keep your engine perfectly clean and smooth.


  • Provides high mileage
  • No weather constraints
  • Available at a nominal price
  • Prevents contaminants and keeps the engine clean
  • Highly lubricated


  • A bit expensive

Our Verdict

A good investment if you are searching for an oil that will allow you to set out on any journey without worrying about the temperatures.

Final Verdict

Comparing the prices and the pros and cons of all these top 5 oils, we have found Valvoline High Mileage with MaxLife Technology SAE 5W-20 Synthetic Blend Motor Oil 5 QT and Castrol 03083 Edge 5W-20 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil, 5 Quart oils perfect for your Wrangler jeep.

The features to consider before buying an oil for your Wrangler jeep

  • The viscosity of the oil
  • The mileage of the oil and how will it suit your jeep Wrangler model
  • The add-ons available that protect the engine against wear and tear.


The right kind of oil if used in your Wrangler jeep will not only provide you with a healthy engine, it will also increase the lifespan of the same. The oils provide ultimate protection against damage and wear and tear of the engine keeping it as new as possible. Choosing the right oil is extremely important to keep your jeep new and to experience the smooth working of all the parts. You can easily lay your hands on the best oil among the top 5 oils listed and keep your engine protected and new.  

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