Best Lift Kit For Jeep Wrangler TJ

Wrangler Jeeps are popular for their premium performance in the rough and irregular terrains. To prepare your Wrangler for off-roading, you need to adorn it with a few equipments that will add to the strength of the jeeps and will make them even stronger and smoother. If you are a passionate rider and love to go off-roading with your wrangler and are facing difficulties in the same due to the lower height of the jeep and the rougher terrains, you can get your hands on the best lift kits and overcome all such issues.

Lift kits are used to raise the height of the Wrangler to make it perfect for off-roading in terrains that are highly irregular and rougher. Helping in the process of clearing the ground while off-roading, these lift kits are available abundantly in the market. But, choosing the one that is of top-notch quality and will serve the purpose completely is an important thing to do. To make this task easy for you, with proper research, we have shortlisted the top 5 best lift kit for jeep wrangler tj and you have bought any one of them that suits you the best!

Top 5 lift kits for Jeep Wrangler TJ

1. Daystar, Jeep TJ Wrangler 1.75″ Front or Rear Lift Kit

best lift kit for jeep wrangler tj

The Daystar lift kit for Wrangler TJ is popular for serving the main purposes of a lift kit in the best possible manner. It helps in the clearance of the roads and enhances the performance of the vehicle to a great extent that it becomes unbeatable. Off-roading on severely rough terrains will also feel extremely smooth with the use of this lift kit as it is super strong and perfectly complements the large tires. The lift kit is made up of a heavy-duty material called polyurethane that is tough and sturdy providing a perfect balance between the ground and the tires of your Wrangler.

Ensuring the utmost durability of the product, the coil spacer made up of spring offers great strength and power to the lift kit and the jeep while off-roading. The installation process of this lift kit is super easy and can be completed within a spur of the moment without much effort. Daystar’s products are made and manufactured in such a manner that they do not only suffice to a few models but to a whole series. This lift kit by the brand is perfect for the models starting from the year 1997 to 2006.

You can never go wrong with Daystar’s products for your Wrangler TJ as the brand manufactures products that are highly durable and sustainable. To attain a normal height that is sufficient for off-roading in rough terrains, this lift kit will work the best for you!


  • Easy installation
  • Manufactured by a reputed brand
  • Available at a nominal price


  • Maximum height cannot be attained

Our Verdict

This lift kit is perfect for use in the Wrangler TJ models from the year 1997 to 2006. Providing a sufficient height to the jeeps while off-roading, this lift kit is highly durable and is available at the most feasible rates. With superb quality and a reputable brand name, you can consider this as a good option for your jeep!

2. Daystar, Jeep TJ Wrangler 3″ Lift Kit

If you are ready to invest in a lift kit that is yet again from one of the most reputed and trusted brands famous for manufacturing high-quality products then you should check out this lift kit! Embedded with strut plates on the upper side, bump stops, sways and shock boots, this is a perfect lift kit you might be searching for. This lift kit enhances the performance of your vehicle and helps in the rapid and perfect clearance of the ground making it perfect for use while you are heading out for off-roading with your beast Wrangler TJ jeep.

With an opportunity to customise your Wrangler TJ with an addition of some strong and big tires, this lift kit will complement the jeep and will increase the ease of handling the vehicle as well. The shock boots in the lift kit will absorb all the shocks that you might encounter while off-roading on rough, uneven and bumpy terrains.

This lift kit is also made up of the polyurethane material that is extremely durable and will last you for a long time. The easy installation process of the lift kits is one of the USPs of Daystar.


  • Easy installation
  • Extremely durable
  • Comes with shock bots


  • Complaints about the shock bots not being effective after a period of use

Our Verdict

If you are looking for lift kits under $350 then this will be the best option. Manufactured by the brand Daystar, this lift kit comes with shock bots and strut plates making it super easy to install as well as to use while off-roading. A good purchase justifying the cost for which it comes.

3. Liftcraft – Fits 1997-2002 Jeep Wrangler TJ Lift Kit 

Perfect for the jeep models of the year 1997 to 2002, this lift kit is made up of heavy-duty material called Delrin. The kit is made in a manner that it provides superb dimensional stability, lower friction and strong stiffness. This lift kit does the job of enhancing the overall performance of your Wrangler TJ jeep without affecting or disturbing the natural and default working systems of the jeep. This lift kit will ensure a safe ride and will not badly affect the working of your jeep at all.

This lift kit provides a 2-inch lift to your vehicle that is a decent elation for the Wrangler jeep adding to the excellent working of your jeep in ground clearance. This lift kit comes with an easy to install technology that can be done within no time and you will be good to go. The Liftcraft’s lift kit comes with a guarantee period of a lifetime that is a major perk in this kit.

Adding to the amazing appearance of the Wrangler TJ jeep, this lift kit is super affordable and can completely change the game for your jeep and your experience with off-roading at rough terrains. Not at all affecting the stability of the vehicle, this lift kit is a perfect option for people looking for lift kits that are available at lower rates and also satisfy the basic needs.


  • Easy installation
  • Comes with instructions
  • Extremely affordable price


  • Potential decrease in the spring performance

Our Verdict

For people looking for lift kits that are not equipped with a lot of parts and are super easy to install and will provide a decent lift, this will be a perfect choice. Available at a very affordable price, this lift kit will add to the value of your Wrangler TJ jeep.

4. Supreme Suspensions – Full Lift Kit

This 8 pieces full blown lift kit is perfect for riders who take their Wrangler TJ jeep for off-roading to extremely bumpy and rough terrain. This lift kit is perfect for models from the year 1997 to 2002 and are super durable and long lasting. With 8 parts in the lift kit, there is also an instruction manual that will help in the installation process of the parts to prepare your vehicle for off-roading with utmost comfort and edge. With an easy installation of the parts of the lift kit that only need to be bolted, it will give a perfect finish to your vehicle.

There is no need of any modification once you have got this lift kit installed as it serves the whole purpose in the right manner. This lift kit by Supreme Suspensions not only enhances the appearance of your Wrangler TJ jeep but also elates the ease of the ground clearance while off-roading.

You can fit large tires as well and the lift kit will be instrumental in upgrading the performance of the suspension. The Delrin construction of this lift kit allows lower friction, perfect stability of the dimension and higher strength of the vehicle.


  • Easy to install
  • Full-fledged lift kit with 8 pieces
  • Perfect for models from 1997 to 2002


  • The instructions might not be crystal clear

Our Verdict

A full blown lift kit containing 8 parts that are super easy to install and is available at a price lower than $300. It is nothing but a super saver deal that allows you to completely change the look of your jeep and make it even fitter for off-roading by getting the right amount of elation and lift with this kit. A must buy if you own any Wrangler TJ model of 1997 to 2002.

5. Rough Country 2″ Lift Kit (fits) 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ

Rough Country is a brand famous for manufacturing the best products and equipment that are used in the modifications of the vehicles. The lift kit by this brand for the Wrangler TJ jeep is a perfect amalgamation of several features like protection, style and perfection. This lift kit provides the best ground clearance feature that makes the whole process of off-roading super easy to carry out.  This lift kit promises the best performance both off and on the road of your Wrangler jeep.

Accompanied with the best shock absorbers, this lift kit is one of the best options when the jeep is taken for bumpy and rough terrains during off-roading. With a super smooth and perfect ride, the lift kit adorns and complements the look of the Wrangler jeep. The design and technology of the spring retention tends to keep the springs on point even while the maximum articulation of the vehicle.

The best feature of this lift kit is that it comes with a lifetime warranty by Rough Country and the shock absorbers and the strut plates come with a 3 year warranty as well. The installation of this lift kit might take time but the result will be worth the wait!


  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Consists of shock absorbers and strut plates
  • Fit for models of 1997-2006


  • Takes a bit long in the installation

Our Verdict

If you are ready to invest some time in the installation of the best lift kit to your Wrangler TJ jeep that is super affordable and comes with a lifetime warranty, then you can definitely get your hands on this one.

Final Verdict

Selecting among all of the top 5 lift kits for your Wrangler TJ is a bit difficult as all the features of these are closely related and depending upon the number of parts the prices also vary on a large scale. But, the Daystar, Jeep TJ Wrangler 1.75″ Front or Rear Lift Kit and Liftcraft – Fits 1997-2002 JEEP Wrangler TJ Lift Kit are the two kits that might fit all your requirements.


Q1. Are all the kits perfect for all models?

Ans. No, you need to see if the kit is fir for the model that you own or not. You need to be specific about the model as the kits are not fit for all the models.

Q2. What are the necessary tools that I need to have in order to install my lift kit?

Ans. Nothing much but you will need all the basic tools that will help in the installation of the lift kit. Tools such as socket sets, bolts and wrench are the basics that can do most of the job.


Adorning your Wrangler TJ jeep with the best lift kit that complements the appearance of the jeep and also does the needed job is extremely important if you are interested in riding your jeep both on and off road. You can find hundreds of options on the internet for the same and lay your hands on the one that suits all your requirements perfectly.

The top 5 products shortlisted by us can be a guide for you in carving the path to reach the product that will be perfect for you and your Wrangler TJ!

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