Best Jeep Wrangler Roof Rack

Heading towards a journey or on adventurous terrain for off-roading, you always need to carry a few important things with you and sometimes depending upon the requirement they can be a bit heavy and bulky as well. If you are going somewhere and are planning for a stay, it is obvious that you will have heavy luggage with you that can be easily kept on the top rack on your Wrangler that will create space for all the passengers and the luggage will be safe and secure at the top. Wrangler being a super strong vehicle the top roof of it is also sturdy and is made in such a manner that it can easily bear the weight of your heavy and bulky luggage easily.

Racks are of various kinds and a lot of them are available in the market as well. But you need to choose the best one among them that is best jeep wrangler roof rack and that will fit well as well as look extremely good on your Wrangler without disturbing its edgy look. Finding the best one among hundreds of options is like searching for a needle in a haystack, therefore, to ease the process for you we have done all the research and have shortlisted the top 5 best jeep wrangler roof rack and you can choose anyone among them as per your requirements and budget.

Top 5 roof rack for Wrangler Jeep

1. EAG 2/4 Door Roof Rack Cargo Basket with Wind Deflector 2 PCS Fits for 07-18 Wrangler JK

best jeep wrangler roof rack

This is an extremely heavy duty rack for Wrangler that also has a wind deflector added to it that works extremely well in cutting the wind and keeping it deflected. The material by which this rack is made up of is steel. It is highly durable as well as long-lasting. There is a coat of textured black powder over the steel tube. This roof rack is especially designed for Wranglers of models from 2007 to 2018 which means you do not even have to unnecessarily drill your jeep as it will fit perfectly.

The steel tube is totally welded and the coat of the black powder over it makes it rust-proof as well. So even if there is rainwater that comes in contact to the rack, the tube will not get rusted. It will remain as it is due to the textured coating. This rack has the load capacity of approximately 150 lbs. that makes it perfect all your bulky luggage and loads. Designed in an aerodynamic style, this roof rack also does not at all make the sound of the wind or increase the fuel consumption due to resistance. It easily cuts through the air without affecting the speed of your Wrangler.

The installation of this piece is also extremely easy as it comes with all the needed accessories that might be useful for installing. This roof rack will not require you to get your hands on anything extra for installation purposes.


  • Easy installation
  • Designed in the aerodynamic style
  • All the needed accessories are there in the kit


  • The powder coat is not very thick
  • Not completely rust-proof

Our Verdict

Available at a decent rate, this roof rack is the one that will provide you with all the basic needs. With a load capacity of 150 lbs. this rack is perfect to be used with your Wrangler as the installation of this is super easy too.

2. Smittybilt (45454 4.5″ x 4.5″ x 4″ Defender Light Cage for Jeep JK

Built in the shape of a basket, this Smittybilt roof rack will have your back if you are heading towards an off-roading adventure and have to carry some extra gear along with you. Smittybilt itself is famous for manufacturing amazing quality products that are sturdy and durable. This is another rack that is available under $500 and provides high-performance. The rack consists of 16 various gauges that are welded into one. This rack is also easy to install without the need of any extra accessories or equipment.

There is a coat of black textured powder on this rack that makes it rust proof. This means that there will be no bad effect of the rainwater on the rack as it is corrosion proof. This black coating will also act as a barrier against scratches and will ensure that looks like new for a long time of use. This roof rack is made up of high-quality material that provides a trouble free use for a long term. Being easy to mount, this roof rack is also designed in a manner that it can easily fit your Wrangler.

Another spectacular feature of this rack is that it is designed in an aerodynamic style to reduce its negative effect against the wind. This design helps to avoid the wind noise and also does not affect the speed of your jeep. The design blends in perfectly with the exteriors of your jeep adding to the tough and sturdy look of the same.


  • Easy to install
  • Comes with an aerodynamic square style
  • The black coating makes it rust-free


  • No such cons

Our Verdict

An extremely sturdy and strong roof rack that works the best for carrying loads easily. It is coated with black powder that makes it rust proof and looks classy as well. Overall, it is a good purchase if you are looking for a reliable option.


3. Mopar Accessories 82215387 RACK KIT

This roof rack by Mopar is designed in such a manner that it can easily carry all your bulky and heavy luggage. If you are going for off-roading and need to carry some of your extra gears and items like skis, etc., then you need to get your hands on this roof rack. A roof rack that provides an ample of space and quality for settling all your luggage. The products manufactured by Mopar are of extremely good quality that are long-lasting as well as strong and sturdy.

This roof rack by Mopar is also extremely easy to mount and demount. Yes, it can be easily installed as well as taken off without any hassle. Depending upon your use and demand, you can easily remove and put this roof rack easily as there is no drilling required to mount this roof rack on your Wrangler.

The rack is manufactured with aluminium that provides an extremely tough and strong material that can withstand load and can also last you a long time. The textured black powder coating on the rack makes it corrosion-free as well as water-proof.


  • Easy to install
  • Can be taken out any time when needed
  • Available at a very affordable rate
  • Rust-proof


  • The installation is simple but might take some time

Our Verdict

If you are searching for a rack that is available at under $300 then this is the one for you! Equipped with good features and provides all that is needed from a roof rack.

4. CURT 18115 Universal 42 x 37-Inch Black Steel Roof Rack Rooftop Cargo Carrier

A roof rack that is available at an extremely affordable price of less than $200 and is well equipped with all the outstanding features and is of high-quality. This rack is made up of high-quality tubular steel that ensures a great endurance towards the jerks and the shocks when you take your jeep for off-roading. It is highly durable and sturdy. It is a lightweight rack and this is because of the tubular design of the same. It is easy to install and comes with all the needed accessories that are required for the installation process.

This rack has approximately 4 inches of depth that ensures that all your items kept in this are secure and safe even when your Wrangler is in speed. There is also a windshield on the front of it that protects the luggage from wind perfectly. This rack is spacious and can keep all your items safe and secure in it while you are travelling or heading towards any off-roading journey.

This roof rack is also expandable and you can easily expand it from 11 to 17 square feet. It provides a lot of space to you to keep all your stuff easily. The depth and the length of this rack will make it easy for you to store all your luggage. If you want extreme security for your luggage, you can also place a cargo net for that.


  • Aerodynamic design to soar through wind
  • Highly durable and sturdy
  • Expandable


  • Comes with plastic clips that are not that strong

Our Verdict

A roof rack that is available at a throwaway price and provides you with all the features. It is expandable and has a depth of 4 inches making it spacious and safe for your luggage. You can get your hands on this if you want.

5. ARKSEN 64″ Universal Black Roof Rack Cargo with Extension Car Top Luggage Holder Carrier Basket SUV Storage, Black

This is a roof rack that is built or designed in a basket-style that offers a load capacity of around 150 pounds. It is a popular product because of its specifications. It comes with a length of 64-inch cargo and is made up of high-quality steel. The size of this rack is around 23 inches and it is also available in several other sizes as well. Depending upon your choice and requirement you can get your hands on the one that suits you. This roof rack can fit on all the jeeps perfectly as it is designed in such a manner.

It can easily for your Wrangler without any hassle and the installation process is also not at all complicated. This roof rack comes with all the hardware accessories that are needed for the perfect mounting and installation of the same. The size of this roof rack is also big enough to accommodate all your luggage easily.

This is a perfect rack if you frequently go on road-trips with a large group of friends or family as it will easily accommodate all the luggage and load and will also keep it safe. The steel deflector makes it easy to cut the wind and it also does not affect the speed of the jeep or the fuel consumption for that matter.


  • Made up of highly durable and sturdy material
  • Comes with a steel deflector
  • Easy to install


  • Not rust proof

Our Verdict

If you are someone who loves to go on road trips and need to carry a lot of luggage with you then this one is the perfect option for you to get your hands on.

Final Verdict

The best roof rack that you can get for your Wrangler that is available at a nominal rate and provides with all the outstanding features is EAG 2/4 Door Roof Rack Cargo Basket with Wind Deflector 2 PCS Fits for 07-18 Wrangler JK.


Q1. Is there any need for extra tools for the installation of racks?

Ans. No, it is possible that the rack will come with all the accessories needed for the installation.

Q2. Can any rack fit Jeep Wrangler?

Ans. No, there are a few models that fit all the kinds of jeeps but there are also a few that have their own specifications and are designed to fit only a particular jeep.

Q3. Will roof racks cause scratches on my jeep?

Ans. No, there will be no scratches or damage done to the roof of your Wrangler as it is mounted in such a manner.


A good quality roof rack can make a lot of things easy for you! If you are heading towards a road trip or are planning to go into the terrains of off-roading with all your luggage and gear, then you need to have a good rack to ensure that all your stuff and luggage can be kept safely and securely at the roof.

Getting your hands on the best one for your Wrangler is made easy with us now as we have shortlisted out top 5 favourites and you can select any one among them!

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