Best Jack For Jeep Wrangler

‘Precautions are better than cure’- a saying that stands cent percent true when it comes to talking about the Wrangler jeeps and the various safety equipment that are needed by it. A Wrangler is such a heavy-duty vehicle that is it ever gets stuck on a road or any pathway and there is no mechanic nearby, it will be an extremely difficult situation to deal with. If ever you are heading towards any journey be it on roads, highways or in rough terrains and you land into a situation where you need to lift the jeep for any sort of repair that needs to be done in the vehicle or wherever then will need a good quality jack.

Jacks help in the lifting, pushing and clamping of the vehicle whenever it is needed. This is why you need to have a strong and supreme quality jack in your trunk while you head for a journey. The market is filled with hundreds of options and you need to find the best one for your Wrangler. To make this whole process as easy as a walk in the park, we have shortlisted out top 5 best jack for jeep wrangler picks after a great amount of research for you to find the right one as easily as possible!

Top 5 jacks for Wrangler Jeep

1. Hi-Lift Jack HL485 48″ Hi-Lift Red All Cast Jack

best jack for jeep wrangler

Setting out on an adventure of off-roading or heading towards a destination by roads or the highways, both require you to be prepared for any kind of the mishap that might occur with your Wrangler. This is why it is advised to keep all sorts of tools in the trunk, jack being one of the most important among all. Lifting jacks are the best multi-task tool that can be used for a lot of things. This jack by Hi-Lift offers extreme strength and durability to the users. The construction of this jack is done by using cast-iron rods that improve the strength and sturdiness of the jack. The jacks by Hi-Lift are the only jacks manufactured with all cast for providing the best durability and reliability.

The jack is coated with powder and the hardware is plated with zinc making it extremely strong and durable. The top winch clamp is also a standard feature. The jack comes with all the ratings and information about the load that it can handle safely. The jack provides several features such as- lifting, clamping, pushing, pulling, winching, etc.

This jack is fit to tackle all the extreme situations with ease. It is not fit for use when a load greater than 7000 pounds is to be lifted or worked upon, this is the reason why there is a shear bolt given to prevent the same.


  • The only jack with cast-iron making it super durable and strong
  • Can work on loads up to 7000 pounds
  • Highly versatile and easy to use


  • Requires maintenance to keep it in a good working condition

Our Verdict

The single jack in the market that is made up of all cast-iron providing ultimate strength and durability to the product. This can work upon a load of almost 7,000 pounds making it perfect to be used for your Wrangler jeep. The jack provides various functions and is extremely easy to use and durable as well.

2. Smittybilt 2722 Universal Trail Jack

Manufactured by using the steel cast and the exteriors coated with powder make it a durable and strong option. The hardware of the jack is plated with zinc that makes this product perfect to be used easily. Not only the jack but the brand is also extremely popular and reliable. Smittybilt is famous for the products it manufactures as they are always extremely durable and sturdy. One can easily rely on the brand and the products manufactured by it as they will never disappoint you.

The base of this jack is larger as compared to a lot of other jacks that provide more stability to the jack by being attached to the ground in more areas. The clamp of the jack is also adjustable and one can easily adjust and use the clamp whenever needed. It can help you in dealing with any kind of situation. This jack kit comes with a handle as well that is usually bought separately but if you are buying the Smittybilt jack, you do not need to spend extra money on the handle.

The handle that comes along with the jack is made up of rubber that makes the whole process of using the jack in situations when it is needed super comfortable and easy. One can easily use the jack with the help of the handle without any difficulties or inconvenience.


  • Comes with a large base for stability
  • Durable and strong
  • Easy to install and use


  • No major complaints

Our Verdict

A good option to lay your hands on as the brand is trusted and reliable and the jack is extremely durable and strong as it is made up of cast steel and the exteriors are powdered as well. The handle too comes with the package that makes the usage super comfortable as it is made up of rubber. It is a good deal to invest in.

3. ARB Jack 1060001 48″ Powerful Hydraulic Lift Recovery Jack

ARB brand has manufactured this jack by paying extreme attention to the safety of the users who will be dealing with this jack and ensuring that there are no injuries experienced by them. Not only the performance but this is also a very important feature that needs to be present in all the jacks that they are safe to use and will cause no injuries when being used. This jack is extremely light-weight and makes it extremely easy to be used by everyone.

This jack comes for a bit higher range but is worth all the money as it is highly stable and very safe to use. The feature that makes this jack stand out among the others is that it is equipped with the hydraulic technology. This makes it extremely easy to use and operate.

To ensure the safety of the user as well as to protect the jack from heavy loads, there is a blow-off valve that comes into use during such times. The jack also provides swift and easy movement of the vehicle when used and the handle is designed in a manner that the user does not need to stand in any sort of uncomfortable position to operate the jack.


  • Ensures 100% safety of the users
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Easy to operate as it comes with lower levels of operation


  • Slightly expensive

Our Verdict

A jack that takes care of your well-being when you are using it while working with heavy loads is what you need if you are super clumsy or tend to get hurt while operating the jack. This jack by ARB does the same. It not only provides all the good features but is also durable and reliable.

4. Redrock 4×4 48-Inch Extreme Recovery Jack; Black for Jeep Wrangler

This jack by Redrock is famous for its heavy duty construction that makes it extremely durable and reliable. The body of the jack is made up of steel that is of extremely good quality. This jack will be perfect for your Jeep Wrangler as it is designed in the manner that it will fit it perfectly and will provide all the features. The maximum height of lift provided by this jack is approximately 48 inches. The lift capacity or the measure of the weight that can be lifted by this jack is around 7,000 pounds. It is always safe to use the jacks only for the weight recommended for them or else there might be several issues caused.

This jack is operated by using a ratchet. The Redrock jack is designed in the ratcheting style that makes it easy to be used by a ratchet. The performance of the recovery of this jack is also extremely good. This jack overall is durable, easy to use and reliable.

The jack can be used easily by anyone who needs to use it as the weight is also nominal and it is not extremely heavy.


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Easy to use
  • Provides a good lift capacity


  • Potential complaints regarding the quality

Our Verdict

Available at a nominal price, this is a good jack that provides a good load capacity and just the right lift of 48 inches. If you are looking for a jack that can provide you with all the work and is easy to use as well then this can be a good option.

5. Hi-Lift Jack XT485 48″ Hi-Lift X-TREME Jack

This is a jack by Hi-Lift that provides several outstanding features. The clamp of this jack is coated with zinc gold that is corrosion free. Even if the clam or the spreader is used at extreme conditions, it will work well. This jack also comes with stands that are helpful in keeping your jeep mounted while you are standing all relaxed and with comfort. The jack will also help you in making the process of uplifting your Wrangler easily whenever you want.

The clamp of this jack is also made rust-resistant, which is one of the best features of the jack. The clam being rust-free or corrosion-free can be used easily without worrying about the clam getting rusted. The jack is also coated with powdered charcoal making it extremely durable and reliable as well. There are also full safety instructions given for the users to ensure that they know and are taking all the precautions while using the jack. It is extremely important to read these instructions to avoid any kind of injury or mishap that might take place.

The users can access all the facilities like clamping, winching, etc., at just one single position of the jack. There is no need to change the positions or invest time in fixing the jack. The weight of this jack is also a thing that makes it so perfect. It is a lightweight jack that provides all the good features.


  • Can hold a weight up to 7,000 pounds
  • Easy to use
  • A safe option for users


  • No such major complaints

Our Verdict

A good option to invest your money in. Provides with all the functions and features that are extremely good and make this jack durable as well. Overall, a safe and easy to use option for all of you who are looking for something lightweight yet totally effective.

Final Verdict

A good jack that is under a budget and is able to provide all the functions with high-performance is something that is needed by all the drivers. Among the top 5 list, we find the Hi-Lift Jack HL485 48″ Hi-Lift Red All Cast Jack perfect to be used by your Wrangler.

The important features to look for while buying a jack are

  • Material and Quality: Before buying any jack for your Wrangler jeep, you should look for the material it is made up of. Always choose the jacks made up of strong materials but are lightweight.
  • Lift height: Another factor that you should consider before buying a jack is the lift height.  Go for a jack that can at least provide an average lift height of 6-48 inches.
  • Weight capacity: The amount of weight that can be lifted up by the jack should be at least around 4,500 to 7,000 pounds. Do not get a jack providing a lower value.
  • Extra features: Look for the extra features of the jack such as powdered coating, jack stands, etc.


Jack is one of the most important equipment that should be there in your trunk to ensure that you will be able to deal with all kinds of situations as they provide several features. Choosing the best jack is no more a daunting task as the list of the top 5 products available in the market has already been made by us for you. You can skim through it and find the best one for your Wrangler jeep.

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