Best Headlights For Jeep Wrangler TJ

Wranglers are the jeeps that are super sturdy and strong and this is the reason why they are used for off-roading. Although it provides high performance, there are a few add-ons that need to be upgraded from time to time to ensure that you are keeping up with the latest technology. The exteriors of your jeep should also be of high quality and should provide you with all the best features needed. Such an important exterior part of your jeep are the headlights. They are one of the most important parts as they not only are significant for telling the vehicles around you on the road that your Wrangler is also on the path but also provide you with a clear vision when it is dark.

Driving safely should be your first priority even if you are on road or off-road. You always need to ensure that you are safe and are driving by taking all the safety measures. There are many options available in the market from various brands and choosing one among all of them can be really stressful to complete. To save your time and energy we have shortlisted the top 5 best headlights for jeep wrangler tj and you can easily choose any one among these.

Top 5 headlights for Jeep Wrangler

1. LX-LIGHT 7” Round Black Cree LED Headlight

best headlights for jeep wrangler tj

If you are searching for a long-lasting and durable option of headlights in the market, then the LX-LIGHT might be a good option for you to get your hands on. These are one of the most durable lights in the market as their service life is approximately 80,000 hours. This means that the lifespan of these lights is just amazing. Also, these lights are embedded with an amazing feature that protects these lights from absorbing moisture or condensation. There are numerous waterproof lights in the market but not all of them are 100% water-resistant, but this one by LX-LIGHT is undoubtedly completely waterproof and gives a perfect protection against water.

The installation of these headlights is also super easy and it can be completed very easily without facing any hassle. The whole installation will take only around 20 minutes to get completed and you will be able to do it all by yourself. These headlights come with play and plug technology that makes it super convenient to use.

Though the price of these lights is a bit higher than usual, the long lifespan compensates for the same. It provides an amazing durability and you won’t mind paying some extra amount for it. So, if you want to invest in some durable option then this one right here will be a perfect choice for you.


  • Provides amazing lifespan
  • Comes with great brightness quality
  • Easy to install


  • A bit expensive

Our Verdict

A perfect option for the people who look for stable and reliable options that can last them a long time without any inconveniences. This is one such headlight pair that will not disappoint you at all and will provide you with all the amazing features.

2. TRUCKMALL 7 inch LED Headlights

These are the LED headlights that are premium quality and are also available at a reasonable price considering all the amazing features it is embedded with. These come with Cree chips that provide a super bright light at night and makes it super easy for the drivers to navigate their way easily. These LED headlights are considered to be a better option than the normal or the HID headlights. This means you will be able to get your hands on the best headlights available under $100 that is not a bad of a deal at all. All those drivers who love late night driving or who are fascinated by going off-roading in dense forests and jungles will love the performance of these lights.

Talking about the installation process of these headlights, they come with a brilliant guide that makes the process easy for the people to complete. The process is not at all difficult and the instruction guide is also well-prepared to deliver all the instructions clearly without any vagueness.

The lenses of these headlights are made up of polycarbonate material that ensure that the lights are waterproof and they will not suffer any damage if come in contact with rains or anything.


  • Led headlights with super bright light
  • Easy to install
  • Polycarbonate lenses protect against water


  • Potential complaints about flickering

Our Verdict

A good set of LED headlights that are available at an amazingly reasonable rate and are equipped with all the amazing features. If you are an enthusiast late night driver then you should definitely get your hands on these lights without any second thoughts as they are super bright.

3. LED Headlight for Wrangler AAIWA

These lights are by a trustable brand called AIWA that has been manufacturing lights for the last twenty years. That’s long, isn’t it? Well, these LED headlights are also by the same brand and it is quite evident by now that they have a lot of experience in manufacturing headlights. These lights are extremely bright and emit approximately 7,500 LM that is commendable. These lights are also well-protected against extreme weather conditions and water as there is a super strong covering made up of die-cast aluminium. The design also facilitates effective dissipation of heat.

The design is not only waterproof but also is dust proof and the thermal optimization is backed by these qualities. This brand also comes up with amazing deals for their customers. On these headlights, they offer two-year warranty as well as service support for lifetime after sale. All the materials present in the set are made up of extremely good quality and also provide a very sturdy and long lasting feature.

The installation of these lights is easy but only for the people who know the process from before as there is no instruction guide available with these headlights. This is also a small con these lights come with. This is the only minor issue with these lights or else they make a great choice.


  • Service support for the lifetime
  • Super bright LED lights
  • Die-casting aluminum provides ultimate protection


  • There is no guide available for installation

Our Verdict

If you are well aware of the installation method then these lights will come without any cons for you as there is no instructions guide available with these. But the lights are well-equipped with amazing features and provide a super bright light as well. A good option for people who do not need a guide for installation.

4. New Osram Chips 110W 5×7 Inch Led Headlights

These headlights are famous for their one feature that stands out among the crowd, that is, these lights consume surprisingly less power than all the other stock and factory headlights. That means, this is one economic option for you to get your hands on. The installation process of these lights is also extremely easy and can be completed within a spur of the moment. There is no complex method that needs to be followed when there is a need to install these headlights and the whole process will go like a walk in the park.

If you are looking for an upgrade of the usual halogen lights of your Wrangler then these lights will be a perfect option for you to get your hands on. These lights come with amazing modern features that make it a perfect choice for you when you want to upgrade your headlights. These lights are also extremely affordable and buying these will not burn a hole in your pocket at all.

This light also provides amazing bright light and will be a saviour on a night journey for the drivers. These lights will also not at all irritate the eyes of the coming passengers as well as the lenses are HD and convex. Finding a negative in these lights is a very difficult process.


  • Consumes less battery power as compared to other options
  • Provides extreme bright light
  • Easy to install


  • The lenses are made of plastic that can easily get scratched

Our Verdict

If you want ultimate visibility then these lights will be one of the best options for you as they provide super bright light and consume less battery power as well. These lights available at super affordable prices provide amazing features to the users.

5. LX-LIGHT 7” Round Black Cree LED Headlight

The best feature that makes these lights stand out is the easy installation process. The installation of these lights can be easily done at home without even using heavy and fancy tools. Anyone without even being an expert in the automotive field can complete the process of installation easily. The plug and play technology these lights are adorned with makes these lights a must buy for people who are in search of headlights that are extremely easy to install. These also won’t take more than 20 minutes to get installed in your Wrangler.

The most common issue that is faced by the drivers is the flickering of the lights. Well, you can be stress free if you are using these lights as they come with an anti-flicker technology. These lights are also extremely bright and provide a perfect vision even at night with their bright lights. You can also use these headlights in two modes- high and low beam. This makes it easy for you to switch to low beam during the day to save energy.

The Cree LED chips provide 50% more brightness than the usual lights do. These lights are also water-proof and provide the drivers with a tension free drive even when it is raining heavily. This feature makes these lights suitable to be used even when there are extreme weather conditions.


  • Come with plug and play technology
  • Provide super bright light
  • Easy installation


  • Minor adjustments needed after installation

Our Verdict

A bang for your buck! Yes, these words describe these lights completely. These LED headlights are a perfect option for people looking for options that are super easy to install and will not need any sort of mechanical help to get completed. These lights are the one for you!

Final Verdict

The best headlights among the list that will be a perfect option for your Wrangler is LX-LIGHT 7” Round Black Cree LED Headlight. It is a good option to invest in.

Features that will help you in choosing the right headlight for your Wrangler TJ

  • Lifespan: The lifespan of good lights should not be less than 45,000 hours to ensure that they will be a durable option for your Wrangler.
  • Durability: The lights that are made up of strong materials and come with lenses that are waterproof and scratchproof are the ones that will be most durable.
  • Brightness: Go for the lights that provide good bright light for safer journeys even at night.
  • Installation: Choose the ones that come with easy installation to save money.


Headlights are undoubtedly one of the most important accessories in any vehicle. To ensure safe journeys at night, it is important to get your hands on a good pair of headlights that are of premium quality and provide a super bright light for a perfect vision. These lights should also be waterproof to ensure that there is no damage done when they come in contact with the rains. The process of choosing the best one has been simplified by us with our top 5 suggestions for you to select any one among them.

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