Best Clutch For Jeep Wrangler

While you are driving your Wrangler and suddenly you experience jerks because of a bad clutch system, you will be left in despair and frustration, right? This is why it is always recommended to keep all the add-ons of your vehicle in the top-notch condition and if they are worn out then get your hands on the new ones to ensure the smooth and swift performance of the Jeep Wrangler. Mentioning about the essential parts of the vehicle, clutches being one also need to be taken care of. And if you are changing them then make sure that you are getting your hands on the ones that are of high-quality and will provide you with the best performance.

With time, several companies have emerged that manufacture the add-on parts of the vehicles and all of these options are available in the market. Selecting the best one among them isn’t that easy but with the list of our best clutch for jeep wrangler will be like a walk around the park for you. You can go through our top 5 best clutches for jeep wrangler recommendations and get your hands on the best one among them that satiates all your requirements and falls perfectly under your budget.

Top 5 clutch for jeep Wrangler

1. LuK 05-065 Clutch Kit

best clutch for jeep wrangler

What else would you need if the product is OEM tested and will be perfect for use with all the original specifications of your jeep? This clutch kit by LuK is the one you have been searching for. Available at a fairly feasible rate, this clutch kit will not at all take up all your time and energy in the installation process only, instead the installation of this is extremely easy unlike all the other clutches. The installing guide that comes with this clutch kit makes it unbelievably easy for the people to understand the process and install these clutches to their Wrangler.

This clutch by LuK is manufactured specially in a manner that it can fit any model of the Wrangler Jeeps. This makes this option very popular among jeep drivers. This clutch can be easily used for around 50,000 miles and will gradually withstand all the wear and tear. You can change this clutch easily as well whenever needed. These clutches sold by the brand LuK do a total functionality test of these products before selling it to their customers.

This clutch offers enough mechanical strength to ensure that the transmission is running well and the gears are easily shifted from time to time with utmost ease and smoothness. This clutch does not get affected by the weight of your vehicle. It will work perfectly in every situation and will be able to deliver high-performance.


  • Easy to install
  • 100% tested before selling
  • Comes with all the needed accessories for installation


  • All the materials of this clutch are not highly durable

Our Verdict

A perfect option for you if you are looking for a clutch that can easily fit your Wrangler and the installation of the same is extremely easy. 100% tested by the company before being sold to the customers adds a sense of trust to the product as well. It can be a good purchase if you are looking for something with similar features.

2. Centerforce KCFT379176 Centerforce II

Well-equipped with all the necessary accessories that are needed for the easy installation of these clutches, these clutches provide high-performance and function extremely well in all the conditions. Designed to give a perfect fit to your Wrangler, this clutch is also popular among the drivers for the same reason. The two-bolt pattern of this clutch makes it more efficient and optimal to use whenever you are shifting gears. The efficiency of the gear transfer is also increased if you are using this particular clutch.

There is nothing more to worry about your clutches while you are going for off-roading experiences as these not only enhance the performance of the vehicle but ensure that it is able to easily cross all those irregular and rough terrains easily without any performance breakdown. This clutch comes with the highest quality of friction materials and this also increases the holding capacity of the clutch.

There is also a billet steel wheel that is of high inertia available with the kit only. You do not have to spend even a small amount of money once you have bought this clutch kit. The smooth functioning and high-performance of this clutch only require a very light pedal from the driver.


  • Perfect for on as well as off-roading
  • Comes with a flywheel
  • Increases the holding capacity


  • Not rustproof

Our Verdict

An extremely good and heavy duty clutch system that provides its users with high-performance and ease of driving. Adorned with all the outstanding features, this clutch system is perfect for using if you are a passionate off-roader and love to take your Wrangler on rough and bumpy terrains and are willing to get your hands on a clutch that is smooth too function.

3.Clutch Kit Compatible with Wrangler Liberty Cherokee Grand Cherokee Dakota Rubicon Se Sport

Have you ever wished to get your hands on a clutch kit that is available at an extremely reasonable and feasible price? If yes, then here is your wish coming true! This clutch kit is equipped with all the needed products and accessories to make the installation stress free and hassle free. You do not have to spend even a small penny on buying the other products that will be used for the installation purposes. This kit is in itself a full-fledged but it is a bit tricky to install this kit and it is not everyone’s cup of tea.

This clutch kit offers a very smooth and swift movement that in turn relaxes the driver as there is not much pedal effort needed after that. The clutch is not only smooth and swift but is also extremely efficient as well. All the parts as well as the plate of this clutch are designed in a manner that they can deal with heat perfectly well without hampering the working or the performance of the clutch system. This makes sure that there is not much wear and tear easily and this in turn increases the life and durability of the clutch.

These kits are also tested by the manufacturers before they are even sent to the markets for selling purposes. This ensures the high and error-free performance of this clutch kit.


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Provides high performance
  • High efficiency


  • Not easy to install

Our Verdict

If the trouble in the installation process is not something you worry about then this will be one of your best investments in a clutch kit. This kit comes with all the needed equipment and provides an extremely smooth and swift performance when used.

4. LuK 05-901 Clutch Kit

This is a perfect clutch kit for all the heavy duty vehicles like the Wrangler. A clutch that is super easy to install and to maintain. There are no extra efforts needed for the installation of this clutch and no extra efforts are to be taken to maintain the working of these as well. This clutch kit also is well-equipped with all the needed accessories for the installation process of the clutches. You do not need to search for any extras or spend money in buying them separately as they are all present in the kit.

All the items that are present in the kit are OEM tested which makes them perfect to be installed easily to your Jeep Wrangler. These are also tested by the manufacturers before they are out in the market for the selling purposes. This clutch provides a perfect transmission system to your vehicles that makes the process of disengaging and engaging extremely easy and smooth. LuK is also a brand that can be trusted upon for the good quality of all its products as they are heavy duty and are long lasting as well. With top-notch quality, they ensure that the clutches are giving their best performance when being used.

These clutches by LuK are made in such a way that they are perfect for being used with your heavy Wranglers. They satiate all the requirements of the drivers with their high-end quality and performance.


  • Comes with a flywheel
  • Easy to install
  • Works extremely well with Wrangler


  • Poor performance of the throwing out wheel

Our Verdict

This is a perfect clutch kit for your Wrangler as it is especially made for heavy vehicles. Provides smooth and swift performance and does not require any sort of extra maintenance. Easy to install and provides all the exceptional features. A perfect buy for your Wrangler.


If you are among the people who wish to do everything related to their vehicles on their own at their home, then this one should be right up your alley! This is a kit that is super easy to install without even needing to go to a mechanic for any sort of professional help. All of the installation process can be completed by you easily at home using the equipment that is available easily at home. There is an installation guide that comes with the kit to make it easy for you to understand the process.

You do not need to do any modifications to this clutch as it is ready to use and it will be your best friend while being on the road or even on the terrains while off-roading. This provides a very smooth and swift movement of the vehicle and also increases the strength of the vehicle. This clutch will fit like a glove with your Wrangler and there will be problem faced by you at all.

All the products that are there in the clutch kit are all made up of extremely sturdy and strong material that makes it long lasting. This clutch provides a perfect torque to the Wrangler and facilitates smooth movement.


  • Very easy to install
  • Well-equipped clutch kit
  • Smooth and swift movement


  • No such major cons

Our Verdict

If you are willing to install your clutches to your Wrangler all by yourself you should get your hands on this one right here! It is super easy to install and comes with all the best features.

Final Verdict

There are two recommendations from our side that can prove to be the best options for your Wrangler, they are LuK 05-065 Clutch Kit and Centerforce KCFT379176 Centerforce II.

The various features that should be considered while investing in a new clutch for your Wrangler

  • Quality: The major thing that you need to focus on is the throwout quality of the clutch. If it is good and effective and is made up of strong and sturdy material then the overall performance of the clutch will be good.
  • Pedal effort: If the clutch is good, the overall pedal effort will be decreased. Look for the one that provides this feature.
  • Mileage: A good quality and high-performance clutch will at least last for 50,000 miles. Nothing less than this should be settled for.


A good quality and high-performance clutch are needed to ensure that your rides are smooth. Even when you are going off-roading you should rely on the clutch that provides a smooth disengaging and engaging process that will also increase the pedal effort that is to be applied by you while driving. A perfect clutch will also help you maintain a good mileage of your Wrangler. Choosing the best one among a wide range of options is also made easy with the top 5 listed products above, you can find the best one among them. 

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