Best Black Rims For Jeep Wrangler

The tires of the Wranglers should be taken good care of, this is because all the jerks and bumps are faced by these only when you are out on an off-roading adventure or even on roads. The wheels might get damaged or scuffed and you might have to change them to ensure a smooth and swift ride. Changing the wheels demands changing the rim and getting your hands on the best one to provide a perfect fit for the tires. The rims need to be strong as well as of a perfect shape and size to compliment the fitting and help in enhancing the performance of your Jeep.

When it comes to selecting abest black rims for jeep wrangler, the process seems to be extremely daunting due to the large range of products available in the market by various brands. To ease this whole scenario, we have come up with our top 5 recommendations of the best rims for Wranglers after conducting a thorough research. You can easily go through the descriptions of these items and select anyone among them as per your choice and budget.

Top 5 black rims for Jeep Wrangler

1. Helo HE878 Wheel with Satin Black Finish (17×9″/5×5″)

best black rims for jeep wrangler

The rims by this brand are available in several sizes and widths and drivers as per their choice can get their hands on the ones suiting their requirements. The paint of these rims is black with a satin finish and the center is painted in the desired colour of the rim. This provides a perfect look to these making them perfect for your Wrangler. These will not only provide a high performance but will also look amazing on your Wrangler Jeep by complementing their edgy look and maintaining the uniformity of the exterior colours of the jeep. These are heavy wheels that are highly durable and provide great strength as well.

This also comes with a lifetime warranty of the product and a one-year warranty against the finishing or the paint of the rim. These warranties are provided by the manufacturer to their customers. Before buying a wheel rim for your Wrangler, you should always check the size and all the measurements to ensure that you are not buying a wrong size. Also, apart from the satin finish, this wheel is also available in a chrome, gloss as well as a machined texture finish. You can choose any one depending upon your choice.

The kit does not include the lugs that are needed to complete the installation and this is something where you might need to spend an extra ounce on. But the overall cost of the wheel is not extremely heavy and is affordable so this might not be a very big issue for a lot of people.


  • Available in a lot of sizes and widths
  • Comes with a one-year finishing warranty
  • Lifetime warranty for the structure of the product


  • Lug nuts are not included in the kit

Our Verdict

If the non-inclusion of the lug nuts is not a big deal for you and you are ready to spend some amount on them then this will be an amazing option for you. The wheels are available in a lot of sizes and come with spectacular features and durability as well. Perfect for your Wrangler.

2. Pro Comp Alloys PXA7005-7873 Series 05 Wheel with Flat Black Finish (17×8″/5x127mm)

For people looking for something extremely stylish and good looking, check this one out! This wheel by Pro Comp is manufactured using the alloys of aluminium making them extremely strong and tough. There is also an added feature of Beadlock style that makes this wheel fit extremely well to your Wrangler and provides a perfect seal that even works well when you are taking your Wrangler for off-roading. If you wish to get something this strong then you should surely go for this one.

The wheels come with a matching center cap and they are painted with flat black finish that makes these wheels look amazing on your Wrangler. Despite being such a heavy duty wheel loaded with so many features, the style and look of this wheel will turn heads when you will drive around the town. All the wheels are made using the low pressure casting technology that increases the strength and the durability of the product by a considerable range.

These wheels provide the drivers with an amazing performance and the casting technology also increases the strength of the wheels resulting in being a very durable and reliable option for the drivers. These wheels also come with a lifetime structural warranty given by the manufacturer. These are light-weight and provide an amazing black finished look that graces the appearance of your Wrangler.


  • Comes with a matching center cap
  • Highly durable and long-lasting
  • Lifetime warranty


  • No finish warranty included

Our Verdict

If you are searching for an option that can provide you with something stylish as well as durable with utmost oomph then this one right here will be right up your alley! Comes with an amazing black paint finish and providing ultimate performance and stability, this wheel is a perfect choice for you to get your hands on.

3. RockTrix RT105 17 inch Wheel

A perfect choice for a lot of models of Wranglers, these wheels are one of the best options available in the market. The diameter of the rim is 17 inches while the width is 9 inches. Available in a very standard size, these wheels are just the best to be fitted in your Wrangler if you want to change the wheels and bestow your jeep with the new ones. The installation of these wheels will be easily done using the lug nuts and there will be no hassle faced for completing the process.

This wheel provides you with 2 inches more clearance as compared to the usual or the factory set wheels that is again a plus point and an amazing feature of these wheels. These wheels are also perfect to be used while off-roading as they are highly durable and reliable and will provide good longevity. These wheels are painted with the amazing black colour paint that gives them a commendable finishing. There is also a protective coating over these that makes them strong and protects them against wear and tear. This also increases the durability of the wheels.

These wheels can also be used under severe weather conditions as well. you do not have to worry about using these wheels when there is harsh sunlight or heavy rainfall, all these worries can be left behind if you have switched to these wheels as they are extremely durable and tough.


  • Provides 2 inches of clearance
  • Durable and reliable
  • Weather-resistant


  • Lug nuts need to be bought separately

Our Verdict

An extremely good option for drivers who often take their Wrangler for off-roading and require extremely durable and tough wheels. These ones come with a black finish and are also coated with a protective covering making them weather resistant and provide extreme stability as well.

4. Mickey Thompson Sidebiter II Wheel

Adorned with an immaculate black finish and tough design, this wheel by Mickey Thompson will steal the show with its bewildering look and style. The pop-top center of this wheel enables quick and easy access to the locking hubs making this one stand out in a crowd of usual options of the wheels. This one also comes with a one-year warranty on the finish and a lifetime warranty on the structure of the wheel. This makes it even more tempting for the drivers to get their hands on this one.

Perfect for off-roading adventures and even for running smoothly on the roads, these wheels provide the users with amazing performance delivered without any complaints at all. The material used for the manufacturing of these wheels is also of premium quality that in turn provides such an amazing option that is not only amazing to look at but is also extremely durable and long lasting.

These wheels are also designed in a manner that they can bear the large and heavy loads easily as they are extremely tough and sturdy. This makes them perfect for being used when there are heavy loads or cargo without even worrying about the performance it will deliver.


  • Comes with a one-year finishing warranty
  • Provides large cargo and loads capacity
  • Comes with a pop-top technology


  • The lifetime warranty comes with limitations

Our Verdict

Overall an amazing wheel that is equipped with some great features that make it one of the best choices for Wranglers. The pop-top technology provides easy access for the locking hubs making it fit perfectly to the jeep. It is also good for off-roading as it is highly durable and long-lasting.

5. Trailmaster TM9-5865 TM9 Steel Wheel

These wheels are probably one of the most affordable options available in the market for people to get their hands on. Being available at such an affordable price does not make them less of a durable or stable option. It also comes with amazing features that make these wheels a good option or the Wrangler jeeps. They come with a glossy black finish and look amazing when used with your Wrangler as they also complement the overall appearance of the jeep.

The wheels are extremely heavy-duty and are an amazing option for off-roading as well. If you frequently go on off-roading adventures on rough and irregular terrains and are using this wheel then you do not have to worry about the damages at all as it will withstand all the jerks and shocks in the most perfect manner. The heavy duty design and the sturdiness make these wheels an amazing option for the Wranglers.

Apart from being tough and heavy-duty, these wheels also add that oomph of style and appeal to your jeep as they come with a gloss finish. The fit is also unquestionable as these wheels are said to fit most of the wheels perfectly.


  • Heavy-duty wheels
  • Provides amazing look and style
  • Perfect for off-roading


  • The backspace is a bit deep

Our Verdict

For people searching or affordable options, this one right here is one of the best options to get your hands on. Being affordable, it also provides a lot of features as well as is extremely durable and sturdy.

Final Verdict

All the 5 options are amazing at their own places as they are equipped with excellent features. The one that qualifies all the requirements and is also available at a reasonable price is Helo HE878 Wheel.


Q1. Are all the wheels similar?

Ans. No, all the wheels are not similar. They differ in the material used for manufacturing them, the durability they give as well as the design they are manufactured in.

Q2. What should be the concerns while choosing a good wheel?

Ans. Several features should be considered such as-

  • Bolt pattern
  • Price
  • Material
  • Durability
  • Performance

Q3. What is the warranty available on wheels?

Ans. This wholly depends upon the manufacturer. Deviations between lifetime and one-year warranty can be seen.

Q4. Are lug nuts needed in the installation?

Ans. It depends upon the process majorly.


If you are experiencing any defect in your wheels, whether they are scuffed, dented or stiff then you should not avoid it instead change them at once to ensure safe journeys. It is important to install good quality and high performing wheels in your jeep to enhance the overall performance as well as the appearance of the Wrangler. You can now easily shop for the best one available for you by going through the top 5 list and selecting the one that fits your needs well. 

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