Best Antenna For Jeep Wrangler

Do you ever want to listen to music or the news while you are driving while you have a long way to go? You have, right! If you are investing a huge amount of money in all the accessories and add-ons then getting your hands on an antenna that will keep you entertained is not at all a bad idea. Instead, antennas do not only furnish you with entertainment but also complement the look of your Jeep very well. No matter where you are heading to, if you are driving alone and the journey is long then these pieces of metal can keep you entertained throughout your journey!

You will see an abundance of options in the market of these antennas made available by various brands. But you have to choose best antenna for jeep wrangler for you very wisely as there are several of them that are not long-lasting or strong. To make sure that your antenna will not get snapped if it gets hit by a tree while you are off-roading, you need to make wise choices. To help you in the same, here we are with our top 5 best antenna for jeep wrangler recommendations for you to choose from.

Top 5 antenna for Jeep Wrangler

1. Rydonair Antenna Compatible with Jeep Wrangler

best antenna for jeep wrangler

This is a flexible rubber antenna that you can use without any worries of it being broken too easily. Manufactured of premium quality rubber that can sustain its shape and can get back to the original shape even when bent. So even if you are going off-roading into a dense forest and there are trees by which the antenna is getting snapped, instead of getting broken it will bend and regain its shape again. Especially made for Wranglers, it will give an amazing fit to your Jeep and being weather-resistant, this antenna is perfect to be used even at extreme conditions.

The installation process of this is also extremely easy, you just need to mount it on the roof of your jeep and you will be good to go. The rubber column made up of carbon gives a firm and strong fit to the antenna. The rubber protects the antenna even from rain water and UV-rays, this means, once installed you do not have to worry about even a single thing about this antenna. Being black in colour it also complements the overall look of your Wrangler and enhances the edgy touch of the jeep.

This is a 13 inches antenna that receives both AM and PM signals and provides utmost clarity without any disturbance. It provides a great connectivity and increases the options of stations for you as well. The flexible material of this antenna is compatible for off-roading and even there you will get good connectivity.


  • Sleek and good-looking antenna
  • Made of rubber material that makes it flexible
  • Weather resistant and sturdy
  • Easy to install
  • Provides ultimate connectivity of AM as well as PM bands


  • Does not provide plug and play facility

Our Verdict

Perfect for passionate off-roaders as it is made up of rubber that makes it super-flexible even if snapped with trees. The antenna will regain its shape and will provide you with the best connectivity to listen to music or even news with utmost clarity.

2. AntennaX Off-Road (13-inch) Antenna for Jeep Wrangler JK JL Gladiator JT

A low profile amazing looking antenna that is meant to be used with your Wrangler to not only provide you with ultimate benefits and strong connectivity but to also enhance the look of your jeep with its amazing appearance as well. This antenna too comes with an easy installation that will only take a few minutes and no extra efforts from you. It is made up of a flexible material that will regain its shape even after being bent due to any snapping from the trees or anything. This feature makes it perfect for off-roading.

The material with which this antenna is made up of is high-quality rubber that will not get damaged even in extreme weather conditions or rains. The construction is such that this antenna can withstand all such situations and will provide you with a long lifespan and sturdy features. There is a carbon fiber column at the bottom of this antenna that not only enhances its look but also gives a firm and stable mount to the antenna.

Installing this antenna in your Wrangler does not mean that it messes with the Bluetooth connectivity or the local navigation or anything, this is because all of these satellites use the different sources for connectivity and this antenna will provide you with only the strong connectivity of the AM and PM bands. You can listen to any of your favourite music stations whenever you wish.


  • Weather-resistant
  • Flexible in use that makes it sturdy and long-lasting
  • Easy to install
  • Looks good


  • It is not foldable

Our Verdict

A good choice for your Wrangler that is flexible and is weather resistant as well. This antenna will provide you with all the amazing features that you want to be in your antenna. Made up of rubber, it is sturdy and long lasting and will also provide good connectivity.

3. RONIN FACTORY Bullet Antenna for Jeep (Wrangler TJ (1997-2006)

Justifying the name, this antenna legit looks like a bullet and will be a center of attraction on roads for all your passers-by. An amazing feature of this antenna apart from its look is that it comes with a locking feature that will make sure that it will be impossible for anyone to wrench it away from your Wrangler. The installation of this antenna is also super easy and can be completed without using any of the tools.

You just have to unmount your old antenna and just screw this antenna using your hands easily. This will not take any time as well as will provide you with a perk of doing it at home without having to go to any mechanic. This antenna will fit your Wrangler extremely well.

Manufacture using premium quality aluminum and the black finish of the antenna also makes it sturdy and extremely strong to be used for a long time. The look of this antenna is amazing beyond any explanation as it looks super alluring on your Wrangler. It is a perfect blend of killer looks and great sturdiness amalgamated in one.

Another amazing feature of this antenna is that it can be washed as well. So the next time you have to take your Wrangler for a wash, you do not have to unmount the antenna instead you can get it washed as well. The height of this antenna is a bit short that causes a hint of difficulty in tuning in to all the AM and FM radio stations but it works well with Bluetooth as well as other audio auxiliary devices.


  • Amazing looks
  • Comes with scratch-free benefits
  • It is car-wash safe


  • Problems in catching strong signals

Our Verdict

 An antenna that comes with a benefit of super easy installation and is bestowed with amazing looks that will turn heads while your Wrangler will be on roads. The only problem is with catching strong signals but it provides great Bluetooth and audio connections so if you are okay with it then it is a good choice!

4. AntennaMastsRus – The Original 6 3/4 Inch Antenna fits Jeep Wrangler JK

This model comes with a variety of options of various sizes and colours so depending upon your choice and needs you can get your hands on the one that you will satiate your needs and will complement the look of your Wrangler.

This antenna is made up of steel threading that makes it super easy for mounting on your jeep. Its rubber construction is something that makes this antenna super durable and stable. This means you do not have to worry about the antenna being broken even if you are heading towards rough and dense off-roading terrains.

This antenna also vouches to withstand extreme weather conditions and you do not have to worry about it at all. It is also fit to bear all the wilderness of the terrains that you might come across while off-roading. The coil of this antenna is made up of highly inductive material that helps in a better connectivity of the radio signals. This is also meant for surviving all the car washes and will not even bend even if you are over speeding.

The installation of the antenna is also extremely easy and can be completed within a few minutes without even using any special tools. This is an extremely short and good looking antenna with an exceptional connectivity rate.


  • Easy installation
  • Provides amazing connectivity
  • Available in various options of sizes and colors


  • Short length may impact signal connectivity

Our Verdict

A good quality antenna that is sturdy and is equipped with all the good features. Made with aluminium and the copper coil provides a good inductivity to it. If you are not bothered about the short height of this signal then you can easily get your hands on this one.

5. AntennaX The Shorty (5-inch) Antenna for (07 thru 20) Jeep Wrangler JK JL Gladiator JT

This is an amazing short-heighted and super stylish antenna that will look amazing on your Wrangler. This also provides extremely good sound quality that will not get affected by the short height of the antenna. This antenna is made from the material known as billet-aluminium that makes it super sturdy and long lasting. The powder coated exterior provides a great protection towards the harsh weather conditions to this antenna and keeps it safe and protected for a longer lifespan.

The installation of this antenna is super easy and will not take more than a minute for you to complete it. You just need to simply screw it on the mount of your Wrangler’s roof without any tools or anything. It can be done easily with your hands.

If the antenna is directly exposed to sunlight, the colour might get faded so you just need to take care of this thing a bit. Also, this antenna connects to most of the AM and FM stations providing an amazing sound quality that will leave you amazed.


  • Super easy installation
  • Comes with a good durability
  • Provides good connectivity


  • Not compatible for Gladiator JT

Our Verdict

If you have been searching for an antenna that is low profile and is extremely stylish and also provides a good connectivity and sound quality, then this one should be right up your alley!

Final Verdict

Antenna being a quite necessary yet ignored add-on of your jeep, we have found the best one for you that comes with great features and connectivity, and it is the Rydonair Antenna.


Q1. Are the antennas flexible?

Ans. Not all antennas are flexible but you should buy the ones that are flexible to avoid breakage.

Q2. How far can the signals be received with my antenna?

Ans. This is something that completely depends upon the signal connectivity power of the various antennas.

Q3. Is it difficult to install the antennas?

Ans. In most of the cases, the antennas comes with easy to install technology and you should get your hands on those ones only.

Q4. Is there warranty given on antennas?

Ans. This completely depends upon the brand. There are a few brands that give 1 year or maybe 5 year warranty on their products.


The importance of antennas cannot be stressed upon much. If you want entertainment and to stay updated by the news while you are driving then it is a must for you. It is just a small investment that can change your driving experience completely. Even if you are driving alone you will not feel drowsy if there is music going on in the jeep. Antennas also enhance the look of your Wrangler by complementing the design and the look of your vehicle.

Therefore, that being said, you can choose the one that you find the best option for you among the given top 5 antennas and make your rides fun.

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