Are Jeep Wrangler Interiors Waterproof?

Will the insides of your Jeep tolerate a thunderstorm? 

There is nothing like cruising in a topless Jeep Wrangler in the summer. The convertible tops and the removable doors are the coolest aspects of this off-roading animal. However tough the exteriors of this beast may be, it is always doubtful whether the insides of a vehicle should be exposed to water. 

Are Jeep Wrangler interiors waterproof? Probably not. But the insides of a Jeep Wrangler are certainly water resistant. Waterproof products are completely impervious to water. Whereas, water resistant products tend to not get damaged on exposure to water. 

This explains why you shouldn’t consider driving your Jeep in a rain or a thunderstorm without the top cover. This will only soak your seats and carpets with water and may as well destroy them. It is only common sense to not expose your vehicle to a wet environment for a long time. Prolonged exposure to moisture would only initiate rust in the otherwise safe areas. The overall rate of wear and tear of your vehicle will also be triggered.

No matter the seats of your Jeep Wrangler will dry out completely on exposure to direct sunlight. It is nevertheless irresponsible to cause preventable damage to such a beautiful car. It isn’t wise to expose the insides of your vehicle to the brunt of rain and snow.

How far can the interiors of a Jeep handle moisture?

Although, the makers of Jeep are aware of the popularity of their topless hunks. This is why their engineers have taken all due care in sealing and reinforcing the areas that could easily deteriorate on exposure to moist conditions. The insides of a Jeep are tough and durable enough to withstand the cruelties of an assaulting rainstorm. Rest assured that no serious or permanent damage will be endured by your vehicle in such a situation. 

And yet, one must remember that leaving your Jeep soaking in water, hail, and snow is not wise no matter how tough the engineers may have worked in making this car the Hulk. if you leave your car stranded in such a situation, you are wilfully asking for trouble! Moreover, one cannot predict the amount of damage a storm may be carrying. Who knows what the intensity of a storm might be. One should never allow a downpour to enter their Jeep, it is different when you are enjoying a light drizzle. 

One must note that most users haven’t reported any problems whenever their Jeep was left exposed accidentally. But even this reason does not reinforce an excuse to not care enough for your car.

By all means, protect your Jeep from getting soaked 

Before you leave the head of your Jeep behind, make sure you are taking the necessary precautions to ensure its longevity and function. It is important to take all the measures you can to prevent your Jeep from accidentally getting soaked. 

Keep an eye on the weather 

Before you head outside with your topless beast, make sure you are aware of the day’s weather forecast. Science has given us enough ways to save ourselves lest we use them. Check the weather schedule for the day and make sure it won’t rain at the time you are lounging around in your car. You don’t want to accidentally exposure your precious Jeep to a large amount of water. 

Put on the soft-top 

are jeep wrangler interiors waterproof

It is best to have a soft-top installed in your Jeep Wrangler. Essentially because it can be taken down and pulled back up at will. Moreover, you can carry it around at all times so that even if it starts raining all of a sudden, you have some roof over your head. Know that it doesn’t matter whether all of your windows are zipped in the soft-top. The presence of this cover will at least drive the water away from the seats and the dashboard and keep your interiors safe. 

Get a bikini top 

As attractive as it looks, a bikini top is also very protective when it comes to sudden downpours. There are numerous worthy and dependable options you can rely on. When it’s day, this top will provide you some shade from the sun. When it starts raining, this cover will save your dashboard and your seats from getting soaked. 

Use a Jeep Cover 

Jeep covers are incredible options to protect your car from an ensuing downpour. You can simply pull on this cover in the event of a downpour and cinch it into the roll cage. This is an inexpensive and sufficiently reliable option. Moreover, it is suggested that you always keep your Jeep covered when it is parked in the open. 

Get quality seat covers 

Good quality seat covers will protect your seats from the harmful rays of the sun. They’ll also withstand the assault of rain. Also, these covers are much easier to clean and manage than the actual seats. It is essential that you get hold of some moisture wicking seat covers and simply wipe off the excess water that collects on top. However, your foot mats will still end up getting soaked.

Get a bedliner 

When the floor carpets get wet, they have a tendency to develop mold and deteriorate even further. This may also render a bad odor to the insides of your Wrangler. Another way to fix this problem is by replacing the floor carpets with bedliner. 

A bedliner can be effectively utilized in a variety of ways. Just like a carpet, a bedliner provides sufficient traction so that you don’t slip upon your Jeep’s slippery floor. Also, there is no chance of a bedliner getting wet and smelly. Unlike mats, bedliner don’t absorb water, so they dry out even faster.

Pay attention when your Jeep has been exposed to rain

In case the interiors of your Jeep have been left exposed to rain, whether accidentally, or for fun time’s sake, it is important that you take appropriate measures and prevent any damage from ensuing. A wet Jeep will always wear down faster than a Jeep that has been adequately cared for. 

Wipe all the hard surfaces dry 

Use a towel or any wipe that’ll efficiently soak up all moisture to wipe down and dry the dashboard, the steering column doors, and all the other hard surfaces of the is important to ensure that they are completely dry. Once you are done with this, use a down to pat all the leather, cloth, or vinyl surfaces dry. All these surfaces are more susceptible to damage and must be taken care of. 

Pull your Wrangler’s carpets 

In case you want to prevent the development of mold or mildew upon the wet surfaces of your car, it is important that you pull the carpets. It isn’t a very difficult task and this will help you spot any areas where the water has been pooling. 

Once the carpets have been pulled out, thoroughly vacuum and hang them to dry. Depending upon your local weather conditions, they could take a few hours to a few days to completely dry out. 

Pull your Wrangler’s plugs

Almost all Jeep Wrangler models have drains in the floor to allow the drainage of water and to prevent the water from pooling. If your Jeep gets stuck in a downpour and the interiors are soaking wet, carefully pull the plugs in the floorboards to let all the water escape. Once all the water has left, you can plug them back in. 

Let your Jeep air dry 

Once all the above steps have been completed, it is time to let your Jeep air dry. On a warm day, leave open the doors of your Jeep and let the sun clear all the remaining water. This may be difficult if you reside in a humid or an excessively cold environment. In this case, you may need to utilize a ceiling fan for the same purpose. Damp areas can be effectively dried with the help of a simple fan. Moist carpets can be dried up fast even in humid weather conditions. 

After the interiors of your Jeep have been exposed to water, you must pay attention to the working of the clock spring in the steering wheel. Many users report that this part can cause issues after getting wet. This is also why many Jeep owners keep this area covered whether they are expecting to encounter rain or not. 

Remember that it is never safe to expose electronics to water. If your car still gets accidentally exposed, it is worthwhile to take all the necessary measures to ensure its optimized functioning. 

Conclusion – are jeep wrangler interiors waterproof

It is never wise to leave your Jeep uncovered during the downpour or to drive around recklessly with the top open. The interiors of your Jeep Wrangler may be water resistant but they aren’t waterproof. You must take all the necessary precaution to ensure that the insides don’t get soaked. And if they do, you must take all measures to dry them out quickly.

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