Jeep Wrangler Subwoofer Box Plans

If your vehicle allows enough space, you should consider upgrading your subwoofer box. This would really improve the quality of bass you get. Although it is possible to design the subwoofer box all by yourself, it is recommended that you get a reliable aftermarket design that’ll work best and also elevate the aesthetics of your vehicle. There are so many dependable options in the market that’ll get your bass pumping.

Why should you get a subwoofer box?

jeep wrangler subwoofer box plans – A subwoofer box has more benefits than you can possibly imagine. While optimizing the performance of your subwoofer, it also serves to prevent overheating and renders good esthetics to your Wrangler’s interiors.

The overall performance of your subwoofer will be visibly optimized. Typically, a subwoofer produces sound from the back and the front regions. In the absence of an enclosure, the sound emanated from the back portion of the speaker would be canceled out by the frequencies emitted by the front.

An enclosure would ensure some uniformity in sound by containing the frequencies emitted from the back. In the absence of a proper subwoofer box, they have a tendency to heat up and run blown-up music.

A subwoofer box allows enough space for the entry and exit of air so that the hard-working subwoofers can be cooled down effectively. Overheating is prevented and any possible damage to the critical components is compromised. This is especially beneficial when you are playing loud music.

The exteriors of subwoofer boxes are typically carpeted to go well with the interiors of most vehicles. Such enclosed subwoofers make your vehicle appear stylish. These appear best when placed behind in the trunk.

Jeep Wrangler Type of Subwoofer Boxes

There are several types of subwoofer boxes that may or may not do well inside your Jeep Wrangler. Get to know these popular designs and understand your best option.

Sealed subwoofer boxes

Sealed subwoofer boxes are very compact in structure and consist of only one opening. This opening is where the speaker’s head will rest. This design does not permit the entry and exit of air and the compact structure easily fits inside most vehicles.

The sound emission will be crisp, clear, precise, and clean because of the completely enclosed set up. However, you’d require extra power while playing at high volumes.

Ported subwoofer boxes

Ported boxes are also known as vented boxes. They provide superbly powerful bass as compared to the sealed variants. No matter how much the amplifier voltage, their bass emission is as forceful as ever. The airflow to the subwoofer is significantly improved so that overheating is reliably prevented.

You don’t have to worry about overheating even if you play these subwoofers for a long period of time. If you are a heavy metal fan, you can definitely rock your car and enjoy the absolutely loud and clear bass of your dreams.

Bandpass subwoofer boxes

Bandpass subwoofer boxes are a variation of ported boxes. They only differ in delivering a louder intensity of sound that lies within a narrow range of frequency. One chamber of this box is open and the other is closed so that it serves as a dual subwoofer. Although, all subwoofer speakers don’t work well with bandpass boxes. These are most well suitable for aggressive rock music.

Free-air subwoofer boxes

Free-air subwoofer boxes consist of a woofer mounted upon a board and also attached to the rear deck or the trunk. If you place this subwoofer box attached to the trunk and against the rear seat, it would form an enclosure. While isolating the low frequencies emitted from the back of your Jeep, it will make sure that no sound gets distorted. The installation of free-air subwoofer boxes is relatively easy but they only work well with subwoofers that use free flow of air.

Consider the Type of Enclosure and The Size You Require

If you have little space in your car, you must go for a sealed subwoofer box. When you have only one subwoofer speaker, this option is also more economical.

Go for a bandpass or a ported bass for a Wrangler only if you love playing intensely loud reggae, rock, metal music.  The size of the enclosure will also be decided by the number of woofers you employ. For two speakers, you’ll need a subwoofer box with dual enclosure. Anyhow, you must take accurate measurements to make sure the new subwoofer box would appropriately fit.

 How to Care for Your Subwoofer Boxes

To ensure strength and reliability, apply additional glue to every wall joint to prevent any possible air leaks. This would also make the subwoofer more durable. Many aftermarket subwoofers are known to be defective. So it will be best if you maintain caution yourself.

It is recommended that you appropriately measure the size of your subwoofer system and the size of your trunk before you purchase a subwoofer box. In case you are looking for products online, be careful to know the exact dimensions before placing an order.


It is important to select the right subwoofer box for your Jeep Wrangler so that you minimize the risks and enjoy the best quality sound wholeheartedly.

The best fit for a Jeep Wrangler would be a sealed subwoofer box for the utmost clear and precise bass. A sealed subwoofer box is more likely to fit in its inadequate trunk.

Although, it would be much better to get a sealed subwoofer box with an optional vent. This will enable you to play music at loud volumes without running any risk of overheating.

So get yourself a quality subwoofer box and make the best out of your musical experience. If you are a lover of metal, you will be absolutely delighted with the loud bass these subwoofer boxes render. Let yourself be amazed and let your Jeep become a party destination.

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