Jeep Wrangler Radio Reset [Easy to follow Tutorial]

how to reset a jeep wrangler radio

Got a bad radio on your Jeep Wrangler? Well, you’re not alone here. The Wrangler’s radio can become problematic but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a solution for it. And yes, you probably won’t even have to take the vehicle to the dealership or to a technician to get it fixed for a boatload of cash.

For the Jeep Wrangler radio reset, there are a several different methods to get the job done. Let’s say that you’ve got a MyGIG system. You could try disconnecting and reconnecting the wires.

Another method is to do it via the radio menu. For the Uconnect systems, you can do it via the radio itself, by holding the VOICE RECOGNITION, and PHONE buttons together, or by holding the VOLUME and TUNER buttons together. It all depends on the system that you have. Read on below to find out all about the reset.

Reasons for the Jeep Wrangler radio not working

There could be a number of reasons for your radio’s malfunctioning. There could be glitches in the software or some sort of loose connections. Fuses are also a probable cause of this.

Wrangler Radio Reset Code

There is another method of resetting the vehicle, and this applies to the older model Wranglers. When you disconnect and reconnect the battery terminals, the system may inquire about a code. You’ll have to enter the code specifically meant for your Jeep then

You can look up the code in the vehicle’s original owner’s manual or you can check the glovebox compartment for it. Otherwise, you’ll have to call a dealership.

Jeep Wrangler radio reset method

This is an easy job to do and you don’t need to be some DIY expert or a gearhead to get it done. We start with the MyGIG radio system that you can find on the Jeep Wrangler models from 2007 onwards. There are two methods to reset the system.

MyGIG radio reset method 1

The first one involves simply removing the battery’s terminals to disconnect it. You just pop open the Wrangler’s hood, locate the battery and loosen its terminals with a wrench. You can disconnect both the terminals or just the negative one. Leave it disconnected for 5 mins, put it back, and start the vehicle.

MyGIG radio reset method 2

The other way to reset the MyGIG radio is to use the radio’s menu itself. First, you disconnect and reconnect the battery with the method mentioned above. Then, you start up your Wrangler, go to the radio and select the following order of options: RADIO MEDIA > SEEK UP > NAV.

Uconnect radio reset method 1

This is the general method if you have a more recent version of the Wrangler. This comes with the Uconnect system and you start the reset by pressing on the right corner of the screen.

Do this until the logo of your vehicle is displayed. Wait for the logo to show after the screen has gone dark.

Uconnect radio reset method 2

Let’s say that the radio is integrated with the Uconnect 730N infotainment system. So, you just start your Jeep; press and hold the VOICE RECOGNITION, and PHONE buttons together for about half a minute. Then you turn off your Jeep and open the driver side door for about half a minute. Then you close the door and start up the Jeep again to reset the radio.

Uconnect radio reset method 3

But what if you have the UConnect 8.4? Then you start the vehicle and ensure that it is in Park. Then you press and hold both the VOLUME and TUNER buttons for 20 seconds.

You’ll see the logo for the Jeep that you have, then a dark screen, and then the logo again.

Uconnect radio factory reset

There is a probability that a regular reset may not be able to fix the problem. In that case, you’ll need to do a complete factory reset that’ll wipe out all the info on your system.

To do this, simply press and hold the HOT and COLD buttons together at the same time. When you get the radio’s menu, simply go for the REST RADIO option. There, you should select the RESET FACTORY DEFAULT option.

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