Jeep Wrangler Manual to Automatic Transmission Conversion

Manual or automatic transmission, which is better? This is one debate that knows no end. The truth is, it depends on who is driving the car. However, there are some robust differences between the two transmission systems that help one decide which is better if there is one. Everyone desires different qualities to aid them in off-roading like a storm. One of these systems has to be easier to run over tough rocks and obstacles. You see, even we cannot stay away from this debate. Read more to know about Jeep Wrangler manual to automatic transmission conversion.

Manual transmission gives a more intimate experience

The strength and dependability of a manual transmission system know no match. It is the experience of driving that counts and nothing is more intimate than taking your Jeep across the obstacles on your own. Minor errors in the functioning of your vehicle wouldn’t stop you from driving it entirely. Even if your clutch slips and the synchronization is bad, you can safely take your Jeep home. A Wrangler with an automatic transmission system will have to be towed.

Automatic transmission gives more ease

An automatic transmission system gives you a benefit while you traverse tough paths. There is no way your vehicle would stop in the midst of a rough patch. Automatic transmission Jeeps are gaining immense popularity because of this simple ease in driveability, even on challenging paths. While one needs to be proficient in both forms of driving to be considered great at off-roading, more people are certainly shifting to manual transmissions for the valid benefits.

Why should you opt for Jeep Wrangler Manual to Automatic transmission conversion?

Even if you love the indulging driving experience rendered by a manual transmission, one is bound to get tired of the continuous shifting of gears and the recurring failures in several unnoticeable parts. Looking at the ease with which other people seem to be driving, hardly anyone would choose to stick to a manual transmission system. This is where you must consider the possibility of a swap.

While undertaking your beloved Jeep Wrangler through conversion seems very obvious and attractive, it is no easy task. However, we have eased your trouble by getting you the most valuable knowledge about manual to automatic transmission conversion kits. While being reliable and trustworthy, these kits minimize your expenses and efforts.

Consider the conversion package

The transformation of your Jeep from a manual to an automatic transmission system is fairly not easy. You’ll need some essential parts to skillfully accomplish the modification. This would include the JK 4WD shift bracket and auto shifter. These parts are designated as Chrysler Part #:52121833AC and Chrysler Part #:52060162AB.

You’d require nuts designated as Chrysler Part #:5127449AA and shift cables designated as Chrysler Part 3:52060164AD. You’ll need part interlock cables Chrysler Part #:52060163AD and sled-auto Chrysler Part #:52060490AD. The brake pedals are Chrysler Part #:52059871AC and the shaft of the brake pedal is Chrysler Part #:52060460AC. There is a transmission isolator Chrysler Part #:52059945AB and Chrysler Part #:6506603AA nuts.

Get a ‘07-’09 console in grey that is Chrysler Part #: 1FG731D5AA and a ‘07-’09 console in beige which is Chrysler Part #: 1FG731J3AA. There is also a Bezel-auto Chrysler Part #: 1CG44XDVAB.

Know how the modification is completed

A transmission swap kit will aim to replace your manual transmission system with an automatic one. Most swap systems will completely eliminate the stock transmission. Consider a modification that will let you maneuver conveniently be it on regular roads and pathways or off the tracks.

Some 5-speed heavy-duty truck transmissions shift cars as smoothly as ever. This is essential because of their wider gear ratio selection and the relatively stout construction. Also, the manner of operation of these systems is relatively mild. This single swap is meant to work exceptionally on all sorts of pathways.

Go for an advanced swap kit that allows a simple and direct replacement for the factory manual transmission system with an easy bolt-in procedure. Consider that all the essential components like the factory transfer case, the cross member, driveshafts, slave cylinder, and the exhaust are meant to stay in their factory locations.

You can also retain your factory driveshafts and the HD replacements without indulging in any further modifications. The clearance of the exhaust crossover tube requires the mechanic to hammer a dimple simply under the transmission. A quality kit would even utilize your Jeep Wrangler’s clutch kit to render some ease to the sourcing of these replacement parts.

However, you will definitely need one important modification. The conversion to the automatic transmission might demand more space with an obvious increase in height. A 1” body lift will easily accommodate the improvements. After the removal of the initial manual transmission system, you’ll require about eight hours to complete the installation process. So your final bolt will be tightened within a day.

Jeep Wrangler Manual To Automatic Transmission Conversion

It is better to replace your manual transmission than to repair it

A multitude of problems can arise in the manual transmission system of your vehicle. It is fairly common to come across gears falling apart, damaged bell housings, shifters popping out of gears, and witnessing inconsistency in shifts. Before it was possible to undertake this modification procedure, many Jeep Wrangler owners just bought a new automatic transmission vehicle instead.

High-quality modification kits have now solved this problem and minimized the headache of Jeep owners. A quality automatic transmission system will maintain your ability to shift gears at your pace and select the preferred gear at any time.

It is recommended that you get this modification completed professionally

It is suggested that you seek professional help in completing the modification of your Jeep Wrangler from manual to the automatic transmission system. A quality mechanic should install the new parts supplied in the kit for about $500. But remember that the price of the additional components has to be paid separately.

Your Jeep Wrangler may need a new clutch, driveshaft, flywheel, or even an exhaust. All the additional expenditure will have to be negotiated with the place that completes your installation.

Consider the drawbacks of both manual and automatic transmission systems before you decide to modify your Wrangler

Both automatic and manual transmission systems come with their own sets of demerits and disadvantages. This is why either of them can lose a debate based on how well the other person has been disappointed.

Drawbacks of automatic transmission system

While automatic transmission systems enable excellent ease of use both on and off the road, they surely have their own flaws. The transfer of gears is fully automatic and smooth. You don’t need to indulge in the constant push and pull so you can instead enjoy the drive. While this seamless transmission sounds great, it takes away the control from the driver. This system makes the driver more dependent on the transmission system to make the choice rather than his own instincts. And sometimes, the vehicle itself is not the best judge.

The boost in power is exemplary but the constant utilization of an automatic transmission system upon a challenging drive could lead to gross overheating. This could further lead to slippage of gears or other serious problems.

Drawbacks of manual transmission system

Manual transmission systems surely render the best driving feels and allow you to completely indulge in the act. You can assess the demands of the drive yourself and select the proper gear for the aforementioned task by trusting your own best judgment. However engaging and adventurous this seems, this process can become tiring and disappointing over time, especially when other vehicles seem to be driven on their own.

You will sometimes require exceptional levels of agility and control to maneuver the ride on your own. An improper shifting of gears could easily lead to miscalculated movements that would damage the Jeep. Also, the set levels of gearing on specific shifting points could work well on off-road trails but could tire you out on a daily basis.


Choosing the transmission system for your Jeep Wrangler is only about preference. Both manual and automatic transmission systems come with their own merits and demerits. A manual transmission system will work better for your fuel economy and will require relatively less maintenance. The generation of heat will be reduced and so will the loss in horsepower. But you are obviously tired of operating a manual transmission that requires constant effort on your part.

You can easily get your Jeep Wrangler’s manual transmission transformed into an automatic transmission system with the help of a simple swap kit. However, it is recommended that you don’t attempt this modification on your own and instead rely on a qualified mechanic.

Once you are done with the transformation and your hands are relatively free during the drive, enjoy the relaxed experience in your all-new Jeep Wrangler. Thankfully, you don’t have to buy a brand new car to access the wonders of an automatic transmission. So you can navigate the trails as if they were regular roads. Upgrade to the best way to enjoy rides in a Jeep.

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