Jeep Wrangler Interior Mods [Recommended Modifications]

jeep wrangler interior mods

Your classic Jeep Wrangler may already be enough in its form. But it harms no one to elevate its features up to absolute incredibility. This outstanding off-roading giant comes loaded with every essential feature an adventurer can imagine, even so, a vehicle can never have enough improvements.

Some Jeep owners wish to enhance their Jeep’s capabilities to match the best contenders in the off-roading scene.  This wish for more has created a demand for the various Jeep Wrangler Interior Mods. there is no limit to the aftermarket accessories for your beloved Wrangler. We have brought you the most relished accessories to get the best out of your vehicle.

Recommended Jeep Wrangler Interior Modifications

Protective and Easy-to-clean seat covers

While the seats of a Jeep Wrangler are definitely built to maintain stronghold in the toughest situations, these tough seats also need seat covers to match their might. There are abundant high-quality seat covers for your Jeep Wrangler that are amazingly protective and also avail ease in cleaning.

One of the most recommended options is the Rugged Ridge’s Neoprene front cover. Made out of excellently durable material, this cover is unbelievably waterproof and also resistant to spills.

Because your Wrangler is a car meant for rough paths, rest assured that this will preserve its mighty interiors from every potential dread.  Be it rain, snow, or salt, these outstanding seat covers will maintain the seats of your Jeep like new. Moreover, they come with a five-year warranty. The installation is also very easy.

Helpful Rear Utility Cargo Rack

There is no prominent flaw in the superb interiors of your Jeep Wrangler, but its cargo space surely isn’t enough. A rear utility cargo rack will help you in utilizing this insufficient space to the maximum capacity. You have no idea how wonderful this investment will turn out to be.

You can grab all of your essential camping gear and head out for as long as you wish.  There are excellent options in the American market if you wish to have more space. Experts proudly recommend the Teraflex rear utility cargo rack for its amazing ease of installation and trustworthy toughness of structure. This very dependable and durable rack will turn out to be very useful on your trips.

Customized floor mats

Floor mats are crucial to comfortable interiors of any vehicle. Good quality floor mats avail excellent protection and reliability. Your Jeep Wrangler is definitely tough but it’s floor mats are nothing in comparison with the incredible aftermarket options.

There are strong and reliable floor mats for Jeep Wrangler that will fairly handle the distress of your muddy feet after a long day of hiking. Unlike the standard floor mats, these quality mats won’t make your car appear dirty after an adventure.

These custom floor mats offer complete coverage for the floor of your Jeep and make sure that no area is left exposed to insults. The excellent floor covers by Weathertach have been built with the high-density tri-extruded material that offers the best possible traction surface. While being supremely easy to clean, these covers also enhance the resale value of your car.

Backer dash organizer

This simple and effective modification will help you in keeping your stuff organized in your vehicle. Be it your phone or a HAM radio, this simple modification will make the interiors or your Jeep very well organized. Moreover, it is supremely easy to install. Also, its relatively low seating allows you to store your stuff conveniently without ever obstructing your field of vision.

Safety backup camera

Some recent Jeep Wrangler models come with a pre-installed backup camera. For all others, there are stunning aftermarket options to avail. In some cases, you may also require a front camera to aid you atop a steep and challenging climb. However, a backup camera is very essential and protective.  Not only is it superbly useful while parking the car, you can even hook up a trailer on your own. This incredible camera diminishes the need to ask someone to aid or get out of the car to see where you’re about to hit. This extremely helpful modification will help you assure the safety of your vehicle in unprecedented and tricky paths.

Innovative RAM phone mount

This relatively simple and accessible modification is amongst the upgrades you cannot do without. Gone are the days of holding the phone in your hand while driving. Not only is this practice unsafe, it is also outdated. With these dependable phone mounts, you can access navigation and GPS with ease even when you are off-roading.

It is now possible for everyone to avail this luxury of a convenient place for the phone. The installation of this piece is very simple and involves the use of an adhesive. There are multiple pivot points that make the mount easier to adjust.

Accessible JKU attic

JKU attic is a very reliable and smart creation. This product can be strapped on to the inside of the roll cage. This attachment will let you utilize the open space between the roll bar cross beams in the backseat region.

This otherwise inaccessible space can then be utilized to conveniently store blankets, jackets, tents, or even rain gear. All this essential stuff can be packed with ease while remaining out of the way. In times of need, one can simply reach backward and pull out stuff that would otherwise be impossible to store in a Jeep.

Protective entry guards

An entry guard serves as a skid plate for the entrance into your Jeep Wrangler. Structured like a step down tub frame, the original entries of the Jeep tend to get kicked a lot.

It is known to everyone how getting in and out of the Jeep is itself a hurdle. These excellent aftermarket entries will protect the paint at the entry point from wearing out because of the constant kicking.  Priced less than $10, this simple addition will wonderfully enhance the longevity of your Jeep and keep it looking amazing.

Interior storage security box

It is obvious to worry about the security of your Jeep when its doors, sides, and top can so easily come off. If someone aims to steal, they’ll definitely get in one way or another. Jeep Wranglers require the installation of an effective security console to stay protected even when the top is permanently pulled on.

This will allow you to lock and store your valuables safely and also enhance the overall comfort of the interiors. There are many aftermarket consoles that are specifically built to properly fit in the OEM locations.

The Tuffy Full Security console is best recommended by experts for its reinforced 16 gauge steel structure. This solid device creates a pry resistant and tough latching system.  While enhancing the security provisions of your powerful Jeep Wrangler, these modifications also provide you extra storage space.

Versatile seat panels

These excellent Molle seat panels let you convert the otherwise useless back of your seat into a highly dependable storage space. This system may be more popular in military applications, but it has gained strong foothold in the current times.

This system allows you to conveniently store patches and carriers that best suit your requirement. One most common use of this aid is in installing first aid kits to the back of the seats. You can even store tool pouches or water bottle holders in this place.


When it comes to adding useful modifications to your Jeep Wrangler, there are no limits. Your incredible off-roading giant may seem sufficient in its capacity in its original form.

But a few extra modifications could really elevate your overall experience in this car. Be it the need for extra protection against damage or the requirement of additional security, there are relentless options in the market to give you the best possible convenience.  While the reliable seat covers will give absolute protection to your car’s interiors, the interior storage security box will ensure that your vehicle is safe.

The new seat covers will not only be waterproof, they’ll also be unbelievably easy to clean. Just like them, the customized floor mats will maintain the toughness of your Jeep’s interiors while making the cleanliness and the overall maintenance relatively easy.  Modifications like the rear utility cargo rack and the dash organizer will make the storage of your stuff more organized and simple.

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