Jeep Wrangler Interior Lights Won’t Turn Off [Solved]

wrangler interior light

If a dome light in your Jeep Wrangler won’t turn off, it could cause immense strain on the engine’s battery. It is possible that a faulty switch has left one of the lights stuck in an unbearably bright position.

The dome lights of your Jeep Wrangler are controlled through many switches. There is an adjustable knob on the dashboard that allows standard control. You can spot this knob on the left of the steering wheel or on the headlight switch. There are additional control knobs on every door and often in the trunk. The interior lights of your Jeep are controlled by a fuse that covers many items.

How to Fix Jeep Wrangler Interior Lights that Won’t Turn Off

Adjust Dome Light

It is possible to get over this problem quickly by doing what is required. Your first step should be to adjust the dome light switch. There would be one switch on the light and another on the dashboard.

There’s a switch on your dashboard that controls the brightness of your dashboard display. This could also be used to turn on the dome light is set on its highest setting. You can try to turn this brightness control at its lowest to see if this would turn off the light. In case the adjustment of this knob does not alter the intensity of your interior lights in any way, there could be a problem with your control switch.

Locate Interior Light Control Switch

The next thing you can attempt is to spot the control switches on your doors. Ideally, each door should have one switch for controlling the interior lights. Try to locate a switch that is stuck in the on position. On spotting it, immediately switch it off. If you don’t hear a clicking sound on this action, it is possible that your switch may be faulty.

In this scenario, you must start your Jeep and let it run for about five minutes. Then you turn the key off and remove it from the ignition. Open each door and carefully shut it. The light should automatically switch off after all the doors have been shut.

Trace the Wiring

Try to trace the wiring for each switch that controls the light. You will probably require the help of a mechanic to attempt this ordeal. It is important that the wiring is accurately traced from each door to the vehicle frame so that it ends at the wiring harness behind the dashboard. There will be a junction point where all the lines cross into. If all the switches are fully operational, this point can be located and used for turning off the lights.

Tracing these wires can be best accomplished by a qualified mechanic. If you cannot take your Jeep to a good mechanic soon, at least remove the bulb on time so that it doesn’t drain your battery. You can also try to remove the fuse. But remember that a fuse is in charge of many other interior systems so you may not want to get rid of it yet.

Why Won’t the Jeep Wrangler Interior Light Turn Off?

Damaged Switch: If the switch is damaged, it may not be able to send a signal to the bulb. Check if any of the wires are loose and reconnect them if needed. Manually Switched On: Sometimes we forget to turn off the interior light and it stays on.


You can check this by turning off all of your car’s electrical systems and then turning them back on again. If the light still remains on, it is likely that there is a short in the wiring somewhere or a bad bulb.

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