Jeep Wrangler Engine Swap Cost

Jeep Wranglers are amazing off the road. But that’s not where you’ll always be. While there are too many aftermarket support features to rely on, there still isn’t a dependable V8 engine under the hood of the latest Wrangler. Considering the popularity of V8 swaps for JK and JL Wrangler models, it is surprising that Chrysler yet hasn’t introduced what the people want.

The swapped V8 Jeep Wrangler builds are rather impressive. The original Jeep engine lacks immensely in the power Chrysler cars ought to carry. LS-powered Jeeps cannot be considered the absolute when you delve into the capabilities of a more powerful engine. However, an engine swap is not a very affordable venture. You could easily spend around $5000 on this upgrade. Read more to know about the Jeep Wrangler engine swap cost.

Jeep engine swaps are more popular than you think

Jeep Wrangler does not have the option of a V8 engine. This is why so many Americans go for engine swaps. It is a matter of speculation as to why Chrysler has chosen to not upgrade the Jeep with the V8 engine people so commonly swap for. It has been recognized that such an engine upgrade would shoot up the taxes as the size of the engine would increase. It is also understood that this has something to do with the emissions and regulations regarding fuel consumption.

It has also been noted that this development could shift the power-to-weight ratio for the Jeep Wrangler. Although Jeep Wrangler’s factory engine is supremely powerful and doesn’t really demand an upgrade. However, the taste of absolute might and power drives people forward for this incredible swap.

A V8 engine swap has several notable benefits

It is beyond doubt that the engines of the Jeep Wrangler are quite powerful. However, they still don’t match the power levels of the incredibly powerful V8 engines. No doubt, V6 engines produce a genuine amount of power, but V8 engines deliver much more might for the same amount of fuel and dollars that go into its working.

A V8 engine swap is also very beneficial for the several aftermarket Jeep modifications that know no end. When your wheels and tires get bigger, your differentials enlarge, and your bumpers grow in size, the power-to-weight ratio of your vehicle is definitely disturbed. The extra addition of weight produces a lot of stress that the engine has to rightly overcome. This is where one has to maintain and balance the power-to-weight ratio.

Nothing could accomplish this challenge better than a robust V8 engine. This is why many Jeep owners are heading for the upgrade. The burly V8 makes it possible to carry all the accessories your Hulk likes to wear. You can definitely accomplish this task by throwing in a programmer and lowering your gears but this wouldn’t help as much as two extra cylinders of the stunning V8 engine.

Consider the expertise and the expense

While a Jeep engine swap may be the best possible solution to get the ultimate power out of your Wrangler, it definitely isn’t the cheapest one. Moreover, it requires immense investment, hard work, and time. No matter how many people put their Jeeps through this transformation, the difficulty of the process is groundbreaking and doesn’t reduce with every swap.

You ought to respect the expertise of the professionals who resort to this procedure. Along with ample primary knowledge, this process also demands exceptional skill. The effort that goes into an engine swap is gargantuan and you must realize its value before the undertaking.

Most importantly, a Jeep engine swap requires ample money. You need to get a quality V8 engine along with all the necessary hardware required to complete the job. Although, you can definitely save a ton of money by sourcing junkyard parts. If you are yourselves embedded into the intricacy of this mechanism, you can consider the fabrication of some parts on your own. Consider that a major chunk of this investment goes into the time and expertise spent in the modification.

The amount of expense will certainly make you question its importance manifold. But a Jeep engine swap is definitely a great idea. You couldn’t reach this level of power anyway on your old V6 engine. Moving to an LS for power is still quite favorable to your budget when you consider the upgrade in power.

There’s a reason people go for LS instead of a Hemi

There are numerous options to consider when it comes to an engine swap. While LS is obviously a popular way to go. One always wonders why wouldn’t more people go for a Hemi upgrade. There is a well-known reason behind this dynamic.

Without a doubt, Chrysler’s Hemi engines are known to be exceptional in power. However, the latest Hemi engine models are laden with prominent obstacles that you wouldn’t want to invite into your Jeep. All these problems associated with Hemi engines drive people towards the LS.

You’ll never want to upgrade to a Hemi engine when you consider its low reliability. While all sorts of engines have their own flaws, Hemis is far behind. These engines will definitely not serve you for a long time. This issue mainly extends to the valvetrain of Hemis that isn’t quite dependable. While this may be a correctable problem, there’s no reason to go for an engine swap that would invite new problems. After all, correcting your Jeep’s problems isn’t all you are alive for.

It is recommended that you go for a crate engine if you wish to look for something else. This would save you about $1000 that you would have spent on an LS swap. No matter what, you must never go for a Hemi swap.

These revolutionizing engine swaps may have become an ongoing trend, but they have definitely enhanced the quality, reliability, and power performance of Jeeps.

Save money by fabricating the parts by yourself

You could save several thousand dollars by utilizing junkyard LS engines or by fabricating one on your own. It is essential that you check the incredible comprehensive kits that’ll make the modification process ten times easier. You need to get ample aftermarket support to manage your newly modified engine. If you are a tech with due knowledge on the subject, you could definitely make the process more simple.

Jeep Wrangler Engine Swap Cost

We have brought you the most economical engine options for a swap

Consider our thoroughly researched inexpensive LS engine options for your much awaited modification.


The Mercedes-Benz OM617 is an incredible inline-five cylinder option that first turned up in the 300 series during the 1970s. This is probably the cheapest diesel swap option you can consider. All the later editions of this engine have been fixed with a turbo that delivers an additional boost. The stock power numbers for this engine range around 120 horsepower and 180 lb-ft of torque.

350ci V8

General Motors 5.7L 350ci V8 engine is an absolute powerhouse. Equipped with 210 horsepower and  300 lb-ft of torque capacities, this engine will give you the ultimate power you desire in your Wrangler. While fitting in your budget and maintaining the throttle injection system, this engine will push your Wrangler to its maximum.

Magnum V8

A 5.2L or 5.9L Magnum V8 engine can supply 220 to 295 horsepower and reach 245 to 335 lb-ft of torque. Made out of cast iron, these engines are absolutely reliable. You just need to merge your Jeep’s harness correctly. You need to utilize the ECM, harness, and emission equipment from the donor rig. This engine can be easily paired with both manual and automatic transmissions.

Ford V8

This engine is very easily available and it has amazing aftermarket support. The 5.0L Ford V8 can offer you the most incredible swap and help your Jeep attain up to 225 horsepower and 300 lb-ft of torque. You’ll need a dependable aftermarket oil pan and an external fuel pump and regulator. Overall, the stock harness of this engine is simple to work with.


Swapping your Jeep’s V6 engine for a V8 in the pursuit of power is a wonderful thing to do. Essentially because no other simpler modification will render you as incredible results as an engine swap. This is why so many people are heading forward with this option. While Chrysler should have introduced a V8 engine for Jeep by now, let’s hope they consider the demands of so many people willing to spend thousands of dollars on a swap.

Remember to also upgrade your vehicle’s suspension as it carries the new heavier and extra powerful V8 engine. Expect absolute hard work and expertise in the success of this modification. Unlike other usual aftermarket upgrades, this is not a mere one-hour project. Consider the amount of expense you’ll incur for the swap and go ahead if you deem it essential according to your budget.

If you are a lover of power, this is definitely your way. Give your Wrangler the mighty boost it rightly deserves and tread across any obstacle like a beast.

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