Jeep Wrangler Diesel Conversion Cost [Price Explained]

With the ever-increasing fuel prices and the rising environmental pollution, it is only right that you shift to a more sustainable diesel engine. A diesel engine conversion for your Wrangler will ensure that your beloved vehicle is able to utilize less pollution animal or plant oils. While efficiently combating environmental pollution, you’ll also be saving a large amount of money. 

The overall expense of the Jeep Wrangler’s diesel conversion relies on the parts involved and the type of service your vehicle requires. It also depends on whether you accomplish it yourself or involve a professional. Your average Jeep Wrangler diesel conversion cost should measure around $1000 and $10000. If you are experienced in its technicalities, this conversion would be easy to accomplish on your own. 

The conversion of a Jeep Wrangler to a bio-diesel variant is an easy process. No significant large-scale modifications are required and no expensive third-party kits are involved. Although, an older model of Jeep Wrangler might need some special filters to effectively clean the bio-diesel and make it beneficial for your engine. However, it is still debatable whether diesel engines actually improve the vehicle’s mileage. 

Consider the benefits of a diesel engine conversion 

Diesel engines are attaining much popularity these days. These efficient and powerful engines can boost the performance of SUVs and trucks like nothing else. Because the conversion process has become relatively less expensive, more people are opting for these conversions. You must note the valid benefits of a diesel engine conversion and consider getting one for your Wrangler. 

The performance of your Jeep will be boosted 

A Cummins diesel engine will effectively boost your Wrangler’s performance. Diesel engines have the ability to supply much more torque than the usual gas engines. So you can easily attain faster speeds and exceptional towing strength. Your Jeep can be converted into a dependable powerhouse.

Your Jeep will become more reliable 

Diesel engines are known to work efficiently for longer durations than typical gas engines. This excellent longevity is essential because of their superior design standards. The combustion cycles of diesel engines are very much improved by this factor. Furthermore, diesel engines provide much better lubrication than gasoline. Diesel engine parts are known to last at least two times longer than their gasoline counterparts. One must also note that the general lifespan of a diesel engine extends up to 500000 miles. Oftentimes, the engine even outlasts the vehicle. Note that your diesel Wrangler will also shoot up in value. 

A diesel engine will improve your fuel economy 

Diesel engines are known to offer much better fuel economy than gasoline engines. Cummins diesel engines are known for their excellent fuel efficiency. It has also been noted that diesel engines provide much more energy than regular gasoline. You can save ample money in the long run by resorting to this conversion. Rest assured that you wouldn’t have to get your tank filed again and again. Moreover, your excellent diesel engine will definitely last long.

Diesel engines are relatively easy to modify 

It is very easy to modify diesel engines during car conversions. Whenever you see the possibility of an upgrade, you can rely on the relative ease with which diesel engines can be adjusted. All the more, it is quite easy to access the essential resources required for this modification. 

Jeep Wrangler Diesel Conversion Cost

Know the essential steps for your diesel engine conversion 

Your Jeep Wrangler would be truly pumped up with this conversion. You must understand the technicalities of the conversion process before you head along. It is quite easy, so you can definitely accomplish this on your own if your wish to. Otherwise, you can hire a qualified professional. But hiring a professional would cost you way more than doing it by yourself. 

Collect all the parts you’ll need to complete this conversion 

You can install the best quality Ford, Cummins, or GM diesel engine into your Jeep Wrangler, but there are certain essential parts that you’ll have to find for yourself. You’ll require important engine accessories like pumps, generators, intake, exhaust, ducting, and manifolds. For the efficient cooling system of your new engine, you’ll need a radiator, a fan, a shroud, and an intercooler. 

You’ll need a tank, lines, sending nuts, and a quality delivery pump for the best fuel delivery. The powertrain of your diesel engine would need a transmission, drivelines, mounts, and all the upgraded joints and gears. Electronics like wiring harness, battery, and the control module will also have to be arranged. 

A significant portion of your total expenditure will revolve around these parts. But these accessories will make the whole conversion process very easy. 

Create a dependable workshop 

You need a proper space to adequately focus on this project. A two-car home garage will offer sufficient space. However, all of its space will be covered by your instruments and supplies. You’ll need a set of accessory instruments that’ll aid your conversion ordeal. These include a vehicle jack and a set of stable stands. You’ll also need an engine hoist and a chain. You’ll have to get a complete set of the basic mechanic tools and gather all the safety equipment like gloves, face masks, and eye protection. A professional mechanic would have all this equipment already set up at his garage. 

Carefully remove the old motor 

The old motor parts need to be carefully taken out without causing any damage to the vehicle. Your Jeep’s repair manual would have all the necessary information about safely removing every part. In case you don’t have a manual, get one as soon as possible. 

Carefully disconnect the coolant hoses, oil lines, and fuel lines. Once this is done, unplug the wiring harness. Then mark the locations of all the connectors. Carefully unbolt the transmission belt housing and the torque converter. The motor can be safely lifted out once the motor mounts have been released. After this, you can remove all the extra components that you wouldn’t need in the new engine. 

Remember to secure the old parts of your Jeep that you think you wouldn’t need again. 

Work on the installation project 

Note that you’ll require at least sixty hours in total to finally complete this process. You may even take longer if it requires additional work. Take accurate measurements and cut away all the excess fender and firewall. This will provide you enough space for the new installation. 

Accurately cut away any remaining fender. Complete the installation of your upgraded drivelines and transmission. Once this is done, you can carefully lower your engine and seat it upon the new mounts. Then complete the installation of all the accessories, hose, and electronics in reverse order from removal. 

When you finally finish and tighten the bolt, add the engine fluids and test the operation of your motor. Your garage must be adequately ventilated. Make sure that you take sufficient breaks in between the different procedures. You should drive your engine carefully for the first few weeks after the completion. This will help you spot any mistakes that need correction. 

Note that any deep error could result in a serious failure. So never go hard on your engine after you have just completed the new installation. In case you lose confidence in your skill level, hire a professional mechanic for help. 


The conversion of the Jeep Wrangler into a biodiesel variant is more simple than you think. You can possibly accomplish this process on your own if you have a good mechanical hand and thorough knowledge of all the essential parts. Note that you may spend about $1000 to $10000 in the conversion process. 

The actual cost of conversion will be influenced by whether you complete the process on your own or take professional help. Professional mechanics generally charge on an hourly basis according to the total duration of work. The whole diesel engine conversion process could easily take up to sixty hours or more. So your expenses will definitely be elevated on that account. 

If your skill dictates that you can complete this task on your own, you should go for it. However, don’t shy away from seeking professional help whenever necessary. In trying to save your money, you cannot just ruin your excellent Jeep Wrangler. 

Rest assured that your new diesel engine will perform way better than your old gasoline engine. Your new engine’s torque will be much higher so you’ll be able to attain faster speeds with ease. Even the towing strength of your vehicle will be improved. Moreover, a diesel engine is much more reliable and durable. This will effectively serve you for a longer time. This is essentially owed to the superior lubrication and a higher design standard.

Absolutely go for this incredible conversion and witness groundbreaking fuel economy. Moreover, diesel engines are also known to be relatively environment-friendly. And if you feel like modifying your vehicle again in the future, you’ll find how surprisingly adjustable a diesel engine proves to be. Get your hands working and give your Wrangler all the power it deserves. 

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