Cost To Paint A Jeep Wrangler

Jeep owners commonly ask this question. This has two important and obvious reasons. One, Jeep Wrangler looks even more superb in different colors. Second, painting a Jeep keeps it protected against damage by corrosion and rust. Also, quality paint can effectively hide any scratches or bump marks. Many argue that painting a Jeep is just a waste of money and deteriorates its classic appearance. However, who knows better than the owners of the Jeeps?

You’ll find numerous unexplored aspects when it comes to Jeep paint. Not only will it render longevity to your Jeep’s structure, but it will also actually rejuvenate the appearance of your old Jeep. Many often wonder what would be the cost to paint a Jeep Wrangler. Painting a Jeep can typically cost you around $3000 to $5000. 

Ascertain the benefit of painting your Jeep Wrangler 

While painting your Jeep can render it an appealing and pleasing appearance, it can also make your old Jeep look younger. Painting your Jeep will also enhance the life of its body. Jeep bodies are made of steel. Typically, steel gets damaged and corroded with time. Regular painting can significantly prolong your Jeep’s life by preventing such rusting and corrosion. 

Quality paint will also serve to protect your Jeep from damage against bad weather conditions. Be it rain or snow, the steel in your Jeep’s body will not suffer from rust. Moreover, the body of your Jeep will be rendered a supple smoothness that’ll make cleaning easier. Note that painting your Jeep is a much better option than waxing because the paint is much more durable. 

Although, painting is a relatively expensive option that may not fit everyone’s budget. Also, it could be very difficult to remove any improperly applied paint. Furthermore, the costly ceramic protection process can take more than three days to complete. 

If you drive rough and frequently take your beast off-roading, painting is quite essential for you. When you expose your Jeep to situations that result in scratches, adequate protection through paint is necessary. 

The cost to paint a Jeep Wrangler is influenced by several factors 

First and foremost, it does matter whether you paint your Jeep yourself or get it done from outside. Painting it by yourself will definitely save you the cost of labor. Then, the quality of paint that you select will affect the total cost. Remember that you’ll also need additional materials for proper sanding, filing of the imperfections, and protecting surfaces that you don’t want to cover with paint. 

Know the expenses of a professional painting company 

The average expense for getting your Jeep painted by a professional painting company touches around $1000. But it also depends on which company you go to. Some will complete the task for as much as $100 per hour of service. Others will only take $60 per hour. 

Research about some good paint shops in your locality to change the color of your Jeep the way you like. You can then select the one that is economical and trustworthy. You can find many excellent and reasonably priced paint shops through Google recommendations. See if it is possible to call them and enquire about the expenses. Typically, a painting company should charge between $500 and $3000 to complete a Jeep Wrangler. 

Consider the expenses of the paint 

There are many different varieties of paint that you can utilize for painting your Jeep Wrangler. You need to have enough paint to adequately cover about two to three coats at every stage. You should thoroughly read the labels on these paint cans to determine your required coverage. 

Take proper measurements of your vehicle 

You need to properly measure the exact square foot area of your Jeep that you need to cover with paint. This will give you an idea about the quantity of paint you need to purchase. A Jeep Wrangler with a hard top will require more paint than the one with a soft top. So take out your measuring tape and note down the exact dimensions of the area that has to be covered. 

The surface area of a typical Jeep Wrangler is about 100 square feet. Consider that one quarter would cover 100 square feet and you will require up to two coats at every stage. In total, you’ll need six quarters of paint to complete the task. In addition, you may also want to purchase a gallon of primer along with a gallon of basecoat and some clear coat for the best possible esthetics. 

The cost of paint should be around $180. You’ll spend around $1.80 on paint for every square foot. However, the correct measurement will vary with every Wrangler model. The actual cost of paint will also depend upon your preferred choice. 

Consider the type of paint 

The type of paint you choose will affect your overall expense on painting. Remember that you also require other supplies like sandpaper, masking tape, and body filler. There are several amazing options to choose from and each one comes for a different price. 

Single-stage polyurethane kit

You can go for a single-stage polyurethane kit. These paint kits are supplied along with every tool you’ll require to complete the job.


This is a trustworthy and classic option that has long been utilized for painting Jeeps. You need to be careful while applying primer before the application of this paint. This is supposed to give you the most amazing, smooth, and durable finish. 

Truck bed coating 

Truck bed coating, especially the one by Rust-Oleum stuff is an incredible option to cover the body panels of your Wrangler with. 

Plasti dip 

Plasti dip is another reliable option that will let you quickly alter your Wrangler’s color. One incredible property of Plasti dip is its relative ease of removal. In any difficult scenario, it can be conveniently removed with the help of an alcohol-based solvent. 

Acrylic urethane 

This specialized two-part acrylic urethane paint is very cheap and quite dependable for completing a durable painting job. This will typically last much longer than plastic dips.

Carbon fiber vinyl wrap 

A vinyl wrap is another great option for those who want to change the color of their Jeep while availing it the best possible protection. This wrap works just as well as paint. The best part is, it can be peeled off very easily whenever you want to change the color again. 

Consider the cost of labor 

Professional painting companies typically charge you on an hourly basis. Most companies will spend about ten to twenty hours completing the paint job. You must note that this is not a very simple process. They’ll need to pull off certain components and reinstall them after the painting is complete. Many preparatory procedures have to be completed before the actual painting job begins and they all require time. 

You can also paint your Wrangler on your own

You can save an ample amount of money by painting your Jeep Wrangler on your own. You only need to gather all the essential tools and devote enough time. 

Get yourself the right tools 

Your painting process will get easier when you select the right tools for the job. It is recommended that you rely on good quality spray guns for the best results. Some popular recommendations include the ones by TCP Global Brand HVLP and Wagner Spraytech. Assort the right paints and initiate preparation for the job. 

Dedicate ample time

Typically, painting a Jeep Wrangler can take as long as 10-12 hours. This also includes the time you’ll spend in repeatedly cleaning the spray guns and filling the colors. 

Estimate the cost 

Spray guns can cost anywhere between $120 and $170. If you decide to use separate guns for the primer, coating, and clear coating, it’ll cost even more.

Carefully cover the entire area of your Jeep

Step by step, extend your new colors across your whole Jeep. First, fill your spray gun with the primer and let it dry after application. Once this is done, you can fill your spray gun with color. You will have to apply as many as three to four coats. Then let it all dry. 

Carefully cover the internal body parts of your Jeep to avoid any chemical reaction. Remember to cover your seats with plastic sheets so that they stay protected. Also, note that you need to let the first layer of coating dry before the application of subsequent layers. 


Note that the cheapest way of painting your Jeep Wrangler is by yourself. The overall cost will be affected by the quality of paint, the cost of the professional painting company, the labor charges, and the area of your Jeep that needs to be covered. Painting your Wrangler by yourself should cost you only $600 to $1400 and about ten to twelve hours. 

This is possibly the best way to protect your Wrangler against corrosive damage. Furthermore, it will also elevate your burly beast’s appearance. Go for a long-lasting high-quality paint that will improve your Wrangler’s endurance and make you wanna ride it more often.

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